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Financial Accounting Activities Department

Aneta Fasulkova
Head of Financial Accounting Activities Department
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 605

The Financial Accounting Activities Department (FEA) shall perform the following activities:

1. develop three-year Budget forecasts and the Draft Annual Budget of the NSI;

2. organize and perform accounting and financial reporting within the NSI’s system;

3. carry out periodic inventories under the Law on Accounting;

4. develop a proposal to determine the annual budgets of RSOs;

5. prepare and submit to the Ministry of Finance and the National Audit Office summary financial statements and reports on budget expenditures;

6. prepare and submit to the Ministry of Finance requests on monthly spending limits according to monthly budget allocation approved by the Ministry of Finance and estimates and reports on capital costs of NSI;

7. organize the storage and usage of the accounting archive;

8. implement financial reporting and accounting of targeted funds from the European Commission and the EU;

9. analyze and administer costs incurred by the NSI;

10. monitor the effective and lawful spending of budgetary funds, extra-budgetary funds and target funds according to the released limits in compliance with the financial discipline;

11. control of payments under contracts jointly with the Finance Controller;

12. elaborate, coordinate and propose for approval lists for acquisition of tangible fixed assets;

13. prepare proposals for updating the system for financial management and control and taking measures for its improvement in fulfillment of the recommendations of internal audit and other checks;

14. develop draft internal rules for financial management and control within the NSI.