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Human Resources Department


The “Human Resources” Department (HR) shall perform the following activities:

1. develop a strategy for the development and management of human resources in the NSI;

2. assist the President of the NSI to implement the policy on human resources management;

3. prepare a draft staff establishment plan and a staff list by name of NSI’s Head Office;

4. assist the directors and the heads of departments within the NSI in preparation of job descriptions of their employees and shall prepare the job descriptions of the directors of the RSOs and of the employees directly subordinated to the President;

5. render methodical support to the directors of the RSOs concerning the human resources;

6. organize training in order to improve professional qualification and requalification of NSI’s employees;

7. organize and render methodical support in the process of assessment of the annual performance of the position of the NSI’s employees;

8. carry out the processing, archiving and storage of documentation related to the appointment, reappointment, release and length of service of employees under Civil Service Act and under Labour Code at NSI’s Head Office and directors of RSOs;

9. maintain and update the information in automated system for human resources management developed by the Council of Ministers;

10. organize the activities related to safe and healthy working conditions within the NSI system;

11. organize office activity and administer the document registry system;

12. organize activities in service of the President and Deputy Presidents with regard to the internal protocol;

13. organize departmental archive of the NSI and shall be responsible for its transmission to the National Archival Fonds;

14. participates in the process of determining key positions in administrative structures, prepares a list of key positions to be provided to the Appointing Authority for approval.