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Health and Justice Statistics Department

Evelin Jordanova, PhD
Head of Health and Justice Statistics Department
Born in Montana.
PhD in „Statistics and demographic” - Institute for population and human studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Master’s degree in Statistics and Econometrics - University of National and World Economy, Sofia.
She has been working at the NSI since 1999, successively holding various expert positions.
Since 2011, she has been the head of the Health Care and Justice Statistics Department.
Fluent in English, has a command of German and Russian.
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 459


The ‘Health and Justice Statistics’ Department (HJS) shall perform the following activities:

1. ensure the implementation of the relevant part of the NSP through methodological work in accordance with the European legislation and international contracts in this area, as organize and conduct statistical surveys in the field of:

a) Health statistics - annual surveys on activities of: the In-patient, out-patient and other health care establishments; Homes for medico-social care for children; Creches; System of health accounts (statistical system for description, classifying and analysis of health expenditure and financial sources); Implementation of the European Health Interview Survey (every six years);

b) Justice statistics - statistical surveys on crimes, accused and persons convicted (crimes with penalty inflicted, accused persons and  convicted persons with penalties imposed), activities of  Local commissions for prevention of juvenile delinquency - anti-social acts of minor persons and crimes of juvenile persons;

2. be liable for operational planning and reporting of statistical surveys in the mentioned areas;

3. develop new and improve the existing methodologies and methods for conducting statistical surveys in the field of health and justice, ensuring their compliance with the requirements of Eurostat and other international organizations;

4. provide methodological support and assistance to other Bodies of Statistics and to public authorities supporting administrative sources used for statistical purposes in the field of health and justice;

5. carry out international exchange of statistical data and information with Eurostat and statistical departments of international organizations in the field of health and justice;

6. carry out interinstitutional coordination with other Bodies of Statistics and institutions concerning health and justice statistics;

7. prepare analyzes, analytical reports, methodological developments, proposals and statements in the field of health and justice;

8. participate in the work of departmental and interinstitutional working groups on the issues of health and justice statistics;

9. provide methodological support to the RSOs experts in conducting the surveys on health and justice.