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Accounts and prices in Agriculture and Forestry Department

Zornitsa Ivanova
Acting Head of Accounts and prices in Agriculture and Forestry Department
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 154


The ‘Accounts and prices in Agriculture and Forestry’ Department (APAF) shall perform the following activities:

1. elaborate, update and improve statistical tools for the surveys in the field of agro-monetary statistics in compliance with the requirements of the existing EU legislation;

2. be liable for the organization and implementation of the surveys in the field of agro-monetary and forestry statistics according to the National Statistical Programme;

3. be liable for the operational planning and reporting of statistical research in the specified areas in accordance with the implementation of the National Statistical Program, the Annual Plan for the NSI, the Eurostat Data Provision Program and Bulgaria's commitments under signed international treaties;

4. elaborate materials for publication on the NSI’s site and statistical publications of the NSI according to the Release calendar and Editing Plan;

5. keep time series on the satellite accounts for agriculture and forestry, agricultural prices and price indices;

6. jointly with other competent units within the NSI participate in elaboration, maintenance and updating of the system of national classifications and registers;

7. coordinate the activities between the competent units within the NSI on the data transmission to Eurostat for Rural Development Statistics for the purposes of building-up and development of EU database;

8. be liable for the implementation of European legislation in production of statistical information in the field of Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Statistics, jointly with the other Bodies of Statistics in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Executive Forestry Agency and Executive Fishery and Aquaculture Agency;

9. represent Bulgaria and NSS in working groups of Eurostat, Standing Committee of Agricultural Statistics to Eurostat and other international forums in the field of agricultural statistics;