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In the period November 2021 - February 2022, the NSI will conduct a "Survey on Gender-Based Violence"

Published at: 01.11.2021 - 09:40

In November 2021, in implementation of the Grant agreement with the European Commission № 960467-2019-BG-GBV SURVEY-2, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) will start conducting a survey among households in the framework of the project “Gender-Based Violence”.

The survey is carried out in strict compliance with the requirements of national legislation and methodological recommendations of the European Commission. The survey will be conducted among all Member States of the European Union, using a uniform methodology and harmonized tools developed and validated by Eurostat.

The main aim is to provide comparable statistical data for the prevalence of the gender-based violence among the EU countries. The object of the survey is women aged 18 - 74, members of the households in the sample.

A random sample of 8 200 households in all districts in the country is distributed. In each selected household, will be interviewed only one person - a woman aged 18 - 74 at random.

The main method of data collection will be a face-to-face interview. The survey is carried out with the participation of specially trained interviewers, who are employees in the Regional Statistical Offices of the NSI and they will identify themselves with an official card and present a letter signed by the BNSI President. Given the epidemiological situation in the country and in order to facilitate the respondents, the opportunity for self-interviewing through a web-based application will be given to the respondents with individual username and password for logging in the application.

The collected information will be used only for statistical purposes and the confidentiality is guaranteed by the provisions of Chapter Six art. 25, art. 26 and art. 27 in the Statistics Act.

Thank you in advance to the respondents for the cooperation!

More information about the survey and the participation of respondents can be received from the experts from the NSI/Department of Health and Justice Statistics every working day from 9.00 to 17.30 by phone: 02/ 98 57 253, 02/ 98 57 459.