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Regional Statistics and Geographical Information Department

Arslan Ahmedov
Head of Regional Statistics and Geographical Information Department
Born in 1983, Dobrich, Bulgaria.
Graduated Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Master’s degrees in Arts and Humanities.
He has been working at the NSI since 2006 (with a break between February 2007 and December 2008).
Fluent in English and Turkish.
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 751


The Regional Statistics and Geographical Information Department (RSMI) shall perform the following activities:

1. ensure the implementation of the relevant part of the NSP by organizing and conducting statistical studies in the following thematic areas:

a) regional statistics - characteristics of regions, districts and municipalities; disasters, accidents, incidents and crises that have occurred;

b) territorial studies - administrative-territorial division; balance of territory; population density;

2. be responsible for the operational planning and reporting of statistical research and activities included in the NSP, for the thematic areas specified in item 1;

3. prepare and distributes information products in the specified areas, as well as those produced by linking statistical and spatial data;

4. prepare analyses, analytical reports, methodological developments, proposals and opinions in the specified thematic areas;

5. maintain and improve sets of spatial data necessary for the production of integrated statistical information and the provision of specialized information services dealing with spatial data;

6. carry out the international exchange of information with Eurostat and the statistical departments of international organizations in the field of regional statistics, crisis events and spatial data;

7. participate in maintaining the Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics in Bulgaria (NUTS) and the nomenclatures with regional typologies for Bulgaria, according to European legislation;

8. coordinate the activities in NSI related to the fulfilment of commitments under the Law For Access To Spatial Data and Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of March 14, 2007, on the creation of an infrastructure for spatial information in the European Community (INSPIRE );

9. participate in departmental and inter-departmental working groups, projects and initiatives related to providing information and opinions on the following topics: spatial data, linking statistical and geographic information, disaster risk management and other competence topics.