17th Census in Bulgaria was concluded

17<sup>th</sup> Census in Bulgaria was concluded07 Март 2011

The 17th Population and Housing Census in Bulgaria was successfully concluded on February 28th, at 20h. It was conducted from 1st until 28th February 2011.
In the 130-year-old demographic history of Bulgaria there were 16 censuses. The first was in December 1880, in the Principality of Bulgaria. In 2001 the first census was conducted in accordance with Eurostat recommendations, and now, in 2011, Bulgaria had a census for the first as a member-state of the European Union. In this way the data will be comparable with that of other European countries and will become part of the information for Europe and the world at large.
Census 2011 was conducted in two stages - electronic (February 1 - 9) and traditional (February 10-28).
Internet census was used for the first time in Bulgaria as a method for this statistical survey. Electronic census was accepted with a great interest and was marked with exceptionally high activity.
The total number of persons enumerated by Internet was 3 100 023, which makes 41.2% of the population listed in the registers and for Sofia – almost 70%. 91% of the total number of persons enumerated by Internet live in cities and 9% - in villages.
The traditional census was conducted with the help of 55,000 enumerators and supervisors, with the full cooperation of central and local administration, media and all citizens in the country.
Digitalization of the information from paperback questionnaires and entering data into "Census" information system is forthcoming.
The first data from Census 2011 - for population, housing and buildings for urban areas will be announced in the first half of April. It is planned that absolutely all census data will be entered within 2 months after that. In June, the information will be processed and summarized and the results will be announced at the beginning of July.
Bulgarian Statistical Institute wishes success to all colleagues who will conduct the Census in 2011.

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