From 1st till 28th February 2011 in Bulgaria was conducted the 17th Population and housing census. Once at 10 years we are gathering information in order to plan the future better.

Population census is the only source of accurate data on number of people by sex, age, education, literacy, occupation, religion, ethnic group not only in the country as a whole, but in the separate settlements also.

Questions included into the census questionnaire concern yourself and members of your household – age, education, labour status, marital status, residence, housing conditions, but not your property, your income or taxes paid.

Census reference moment is midnight of 1, February 2011. Data which have to be filled in, concerning you and your household, refer to that moment (your age, employment, number of children, etc.). Based on the census data we will have information about each town and village in the country on:

• number of usual (permanent) population;
• number of temporary present persons, living there for less than one year period;
• number of persons temporary absent due to business, education, visits for less than one year period.

Census Questionnaire
Census Questionnaire for Buildings, Dwellings and Population
Переписной лист для зданий, жилищ и населения
eCensus 2011 in Bulgaria
Sample surveys included into the 2011 Census Programme
2001 census results