Digital collection Statistical Yearbook

The library of the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria (BNSI) has the pleasure to inform the users of statistical information about the opportunity of on–line access to “Statistical Yearbook of Bulgaria”. The digital collection has over 80 publications and covers the period 1909 – 2005. The digital collection is accessible on Bilingual statistical editions were issued in 1909 – 1948 period (Bulgarian and French) and from 1993 onwards, they are in Bulgarian and English.

The digital library was set up in 2007. At present, the library possesses a database with over 600 000 digital pages of the Bulgarian national statistics since 1881. Collections of rare and true merit editions (about 2300 publications) were scanned and preserved for the future generations. Statistical data users have open access to the following digital collections: “Demographic Statistics” 1880 – 2002; “Statistical Reference Book” 1997 – 2007; “Culture” 1961 – 1999; “Criminal Statistics” 1883 – 2000; “Book publishing and printing” 1962 – 1999; “Health” 1944 – 2002; “Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Bulgaria” 1990 – 2004; “ Election Statistics for Members of Parliament” 1900 – 1928. Statistical information users for Bulgaria have unique chance to free of charge on-line access to the digital library’s database.

“Population and Housing Census” – the biggest collection of statistical publications is forthcoming.

The BNSI’s digital library center has at its disposal integral technology for management of digital data – creation, digital restoration, processing and on-line dissemination.