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Historical Review

1880  A Statistical Division was established at the Ministry of Justice (January 21st 1880 )

1880  A Statistical Organizational Division was formed at the Ministry of Finance (June 25th, 1880)

1880  The beginning of the Population censuses in Principality of Bulgaria was established with the Law of 13 December 1880

1881  The first Population census was conducted  on 1st January 1881

1881  The Bulgarian Official Statistical Office was created .The Statistical Division turned into independent Statistical Office

1896  The first Census of the  Civil Servants was conducted

1897  A Law on the Statistics Directorate in the Principality of Bulgaria and a Law on Population Census, Housing and Livestock

1897  For the first time a Census of Land Property in Bulgaria was conducted

1907  A Law on the Statistics Directorate General in the Bulgarian Kingdom

1908  Issued  a publication “Monthly Statistical Reviews “

1909  The first Census in Industry was carried out

1910  Published the first Statistical Yearbook

1925  Conducted the first Household Budgets Survey

1926  The first General Economic Census was conducted, together with the Population Census during the same year. For first time in

Europe a sampling method for quick aggregation of the results from General Agricultural Farms Census was used

1929  The first specialized magazine of the Statistics Directorate General started. Nowadays it comes out under the name of “Statistics Journal”

1934  The agricultural survey was carried out  with using a sample method for the first time in the data collection phase

1946  A Law on the Organization of Statistics in Bulgaria -The Statistics Directorate General passed over to the Council of Ministers.  A network of local statistical bodies was created for the first time

1953  A Central Statistical Office at the Council of Ministers as a state authority to manage the overall statistical activity in the country was created

1991  A Law on Statistics  – the National Statistical Institute (NSI) was created

1993  A Common Declaration of Statistical Cooperation between  the National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria and of the Statistical Office of the European  Communities (Eurostat) was signed

1999  Worked out a Law on Statistics in compliance with EC legislation

2000  A Law on Population, Housing Fund and Agricultural Holdings Census in the Republic of Bulgaria - 2001

2000  For the first time a Strategy for development of statistics till 2006 was worked out  and adopted by the National Statistical Council

2000  Closed the EU negotiations on Chapter 12 Statistics

2001  A Global assessment of the National Statistical System was carried out by the Eurostat

2003  Bulgaria officially joined the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard

2006  A Law on Statistics of intra - community trade in goods

2007  The Bulgarian Statistics was integrated into the European Statistical System

2007  A Peer review on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice concerning improvement quality of statistical information and confidence in statistics

2008  A  Strategy for Development of the National Statistical System of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2008 – 2012

2008  The Law on Statistics was amended in compliance with the Regulation (EC) No 223/2009 of the  European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2009 on European statistics

2009  Census Law on  Population and Housing  in the Republic of Bulgaria - 2011