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European Forum for Geostatistics

The European Forum for Geostatistics (EFGS) represents a professional network of experts contributing within the framework of the European Statistical System to creating a common geostatistical data infrastructure and to the best practices in collecting, producing and disseminating georeferenced statistics.

Sofia conference 2013


“The proof of the apple is in the eating”


Spatial Statistics from different data sources (census, registers, surveys, mobile telephones etc.) with...


Registration   Start 7th of June 2013   End 30th of September 2013
Submitting Abstracts   Start 24th of June 2013   End 20th of September 2013
Submitting Papers   Start 1st of September 2013   End 11th of October 2013


European Forum for Geostatistics

Host and co-organiser:

National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria

Poster of the conference:

Poster of the conference (PDF)