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Protection of Statistical Secrecy

Provision of statistical information

The National Statistical Institute and the Bodies of Statistics inform the public about the results of the statistical surveys through the mass media, their web sites, own publications or other appropriate means, according to the provisions of Chapter Six “Protection of secrecy”.

Protection of secrecy

Individual data received and collected at the time of statistical surveys shall be statistical confidentiality and shall be used for statistical purposes only. Individual data, obtained for the purposes of the statistical surveys, shall not be used as evidence to the bodies of the executive powers and the judicial authorities.

The National Statistical Institute, the Bodies of Statistics and their officials cannot make public or provide:

1. Individual statistical data;

2. Statistical data, which can be combined in a way leading to the identification of a given statistical unit;

3. Statistical information, which aggregates the data on less than three statistical units or population, in which the relative share of studied parameter of a unit is over 85 per cent of the total volume of this parameter for all population units.

Individual data can be submitted only if:

1. They shall be provided to Eurostat, if they are necessary for the development and production of official statistical information;

2. They shall be delivered to the National Statistical Institute by Bodies of Statistics, if necessary for the development and production of official statistical information.

Individual data may be published only if the person concerned has given his consent. The consent shall be in writing and must clearly specify the data it is given for. The person concerned may withdraw his consent in writing at any time, but such withdrawal shall not affect the actions already done.

Individual anonymous data can be provided for the purposes of the scientific work at the higher schools or to legal persons, the main activity of whom are the scientific studies, with the permission of the President of the National Statistical Institute.

The National Statistical Institute and the Bodies of Statistics shall be obliged to protect the individual data and prevent any misuse by undertaking the necessary organisation and technical measures and by giving access to such data only to persons who have signed a sworn declaration for statistical confidentiality.

The natural persons, assigned to collect, obtain, process and store data, considered as statistical confidentiality, shall sign a sworn declaration for protection of secrecy while performing their duties and for a period of five years after their finalisation.

The National Statistical Institute and the Bodies of Statistics shall use the individual data only for statistical purposes, unless the person concerned has given his written consent to their use for other specific purposes.

The rules on statistical confidentiality shall be mandatory for all surveys, conducted by the National Statistical Institute and the Bodies of Statistics in pursuance of the Law.

The registration, usage, processing and storage of statistical data, which are classified information, thus being state or official secrecy, shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the Law on the Protection of the Classified Information and the legal acts on its application.

Statistical information to be classified as official secrecy, shall be the information related to the defence of the country, the internal economic security, security of the organisation units, information systems or networks, specialised analyses and surveys and other information, which is not state secrecy, but the unregulated access to which could have adverse effect on the interests of the country or could harm other legally protected interest.