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Non-financial accounts by institutional sectors, fourth quarter of 2023

Published at: 22.04.2024 - 15:15

For the fourth quarter of 2023 reported Net lending (+) / net borrowing (-) are as follows:

  • "Total economy" sector: -504,6  million BGN
  • "Rest of the World" sector: 504,6 million BGN

The quarterly non-financial accounts of the "General Government" and the "Rest of the World" sectors present, on the basis of national accounts, the economic activity of the government and non-resident units in a manner comparable to other European countries, according to the European System of National Accounts 2010. For this purpose, tables showing revenues and expenses of the "General Government" and "Rest of the World" sectors are developed.

The "State Government" sector data are derived by using the reports on the implementation of the consolidated fiscal program provided by the Ministry of Finance, as well as estimates of the government units requalified in the sector.

Rest of the World sector data is developed using the Balance of Payments provided by the Bulgarian National Bank, as well as estimates developed by the National Statistical Institute.

Detailed data can be found on the NSI website under the topic 'Non-financial national accounts by institutional sectors'.