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Project ‘Provision of basic information for calculating purchasing power parities (PPP)’

Published at: 01.11.2023 - 15:40

In November 2023, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) started working on the project ‘Provision of basic information for calculating purchasing power parities (PPP)’ according to the Grant Agreement with the European Commission № 101140352-2023-BG-PPP.

The provision of basic statistical information for the calculation of PPP is part of the activities of the Current Statistics Program of the European Commission: ‘Measuring the differences in price levels of goods and services between countries and between individual settlements’. The PPP programme is a multilateral activity that is part of the Community legislation (acquis communautaire) and generally contributes to improving the database of price statistics and national accounts. In practice, this is done through the annual calculations of PPP.

The role of the NSI is to organise and conduct preliminary surveys, collect prices and validate the results at the country level and for European countries in total within a 3-year cycle, as well as the surveys of investment goods (machinery, equipment and construction) and health, and the collection of other data necessary for the purposes of the programme.

The duration of the activities is 16 months and will end in February 2025.