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Road Traffic Accidents in the Republic of Bulgaria 2021

Published at: 23.09.2022 - 09:00
The National Statistical Institute presents to users of statistical information the publication Road Traffic Accidents in the Republic of Bulgaria 2021 (in Bulgarian only). The issue is a joint edition of the Ministry of Interior and the National Statistical Institute.
It contains tables with annual information about the road traffic accidents, killed and injured persons registered in Bulgaria during 2021, distributed by:
- Districts and municipalities
- Nature of accidents
- Location and by class of road
- Age and by sex of the persons involved in an injury accident
- Type and by property of the vehicles
- Main reasons
- Days of the week and by months
- Foreign drivers’ fault, distributed by countries.

The data give the possibility of a multiaspect analysis of the road traffic accidents and the variations compared to the previous year, as well as the state of the road traffic safety in the country.

Price per CD (incl. mailing costs): EUR 9
Price includes VAT.
The issue could be ordered at the following address:
• National Statistical Institute
Publications, Library and Digital Products Department
2, Panayot Volov St.
1038 Sofia, Bulgaria
• The Statistical Offices of NSI.
Purchase by bank transfer:
NSI Bank Account
Bulgarian National Bank
Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Square, Sofia
IBAN BG84 BNBG 9661 3000 1190 01