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Peer review 2022

The third peer review for Bulgaria within its membership in the European Statistical System will be conducted in the period from March 28 to April 1, 2022. The Covid-19 pandemic shows more than ever how important the reliable, trustworthy and comparable data are.

  • What are the Peer reviews?

Quality is the benchmark of the European official statistics. To guarantee the quality of their statistics the European statistical system (ESS) part of which is the Bulgarian National statistical institute, created a common quality framework. The European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP) is the cornerstone of this quality framework. ESS authorities are committed to adhere to the Code which is like the Statistical Bible to all statisticians in Europe. The compliance to the Code was further underlined by the 2016 Quality Declaration.

Thus the Peer reviews cycle is the CoP review mechanism, supporting with credible evidence this self-commitment to adhere to it. The objective of the peer reviews is to assess the compliance of the ESS partners with the principles and indicators of the Code. The subsequent recommendations should also help statistical authorities to further improve and develop their statistical systems. In addition, future-oriented elements in this round of ESS peer reviews could result in a revision of the Code to reflect the new phenomena and developments that the peer review experts will identify in this round.

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