Statistics’ Magazine, issue 1/2021

The National Statistical Institute informs users of statistical information that Issue 1/2021 of ‘Statistics’ Magazine is published on the NSI’s website. The issue is in Bulgarian language with summaries in Bulgarian, English and Russian and includes sections as follows:
  • Development of statistical theory and practice
  • Statistical surveys and analyzis
  • Information, reviews, consultations

The section Development of statistical theory and practice includes the articles:

  • Production of experimental statistics on the characteristics of enterprises with internet data - authors Kostadin Georgiev, National Statistical Institute - Sofia, Dr. Galya Stateva, National Statistical Institute - Sofia

With each passing year, online business is becoming even more important to the economy, and with the global pandemic, COVID it is more important than ever. The Work Package C (WPC) for online based enterprise characteristics (OBEC) within the framework of the European project ESSnet on Big data II is related to the understanding of the online economic and business activity of enterprises from the point of view of national statistics.

A key result of the work is the improvement of the quality of the statistical business register in terms of characteristics for the online presence of nationally registered companies such as the availability of websites, e-commerce or social media accounts. Within the WPC, the methodology of the previous ESSnet on Big data I project was summarized and extended for use in each ESS country, taking into account the diversity needed to maintain different use-cases in statistical practice.

The National Statistical Institute had the honour and privilege to be a leading institution and an active partner in the implementation of activities under work package C.

This article aims to acquaint the reader with the results achieved on the opportunities and challenges for the production of experimental statistics from ‘big data’ sources on the online characteristics of enterprises at European and national level.

Keywords: online based enterprise characteristics, experimental statistics, big data, statistical Business Register, National Statistical Institute

  • Methods and concepts for functional geographical zoning for statistical purposes - author Valeria Angelova, National Statistical Institute - Sofia

The aim of this study is to analyze the practical advantages of various statistical approaches to functional geographical zoning based on data from daily business trips and to summarize the methods in an accessible way using a number of examples.

The emphasis is on functional urban areas and labor market areas. The author presents a number of challenges related to the definition and use of these functional areas for statistical and analytical purposes, and possible outlines for the future, taking into account changes in labor mobility patterns and labor market conditions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keywords: functional urban areas; labor market areas; daily business trips; work force; economic integration; territorial typologies; grid

The section Statistical Surveys and Analysis includes the article:

  • The organizational structure of the National Statistical Institute - a synthesis between tradition and modernity - author Tsvetozaria Gateva, National Statistical Institute - Sofia

The management of the society, economy and social sphere is based on sufficient in volume, objective, varied and detailed information. To meet the growing demands for reliable, timely and comparable statistical information, the statistical institution makes a number of changes both in research methodologies and organizational structure. This article aims to present the development of the statistical authority since its establishment in 1880 to the present. Emphasis is placed on the main issues and challenges facing the state statistical body during different periods, changes in its subordination, the significance of the changes in structural and organizational aspect and achieved results.

Keywords: statistical authority, statistical system, National Statistical Institute, organizational structure, reorganization, resourcing.

JEL: C10, C81, C82       

The section Information, reviews, consultations presents the following information:

  • Mathematics with a look at statistics - author Dr. Bogdan Bogdanov, Deputy President of the National Statistical Institute - Sofia

The information ‘Mathematics with a view to statistics’ contains the article of dmn. Prof. Nikolay Yanev, published in the magazine ‘Statistics’ in 2012, issue. 3 - 4 with the title ‘International Year of Statistics - 2013’. This information is presented on the pages of the magazine ‘Statistics’ in connection with the 141st anniversary of the establishment of state statistics in Bulgaria. Its relevance is especially important for people who have adopted statistics for their profession. At the same time, the information has a significant cognitive value for the readers of the magazine.

The article contains interesting reflections of Prof. Yanev on the nature of statistics as a science and its connection with mathematics. The significant role of statistics as a theory and practice for society and the state is presented. The high scientific value of statistics for the development of the information society is emphasized.

The article is presented with a preface written by Dr. B. Bogdanov.

  • First census of the industrial and commercial establishments in the Kingdom of Bulgaria in 1926 - author Sonya Zlatanova, National Statistical Institute - Sofia

In Report 17 4001 of 17 March 1926 to the Supreme Statistical Council are set out the reasons for supplementing the demographic census with a census of business enterprises.

The Supreme Statistical Council approved the project of the Directorate of Statistics for unification of the demographic, housing and economic census, unanimously adopting the following decision: ‘Simultaneously with the general demographic census on the current staff to undertake a census of agriculture and handicraft production with special maps, through which to collect the most general information for establishing quantitative and qualitative, on the one hand the agricultural and on the other - all other non-agricultural holdings and enterprises in our country’.

On December 31, 1926, the first general census of industrial and commercial enterprises in the Kingdom of Bulgaria was held simultaneously with the census of the population and the housing stock. The Directorate-General of Statistics uses two nomenclatures. One was developed by the French statistician Jacques Bertillon, and the other was prepared by Bulgarian statisticians and used in two surveys to count the state promoted industry, conducted in the early twentieth century.

The final results are published in three volumes, which are bilingual, with a parallel text in French. The publications from the 1926 census of business enterprises are part of the NSI library fund and can be used in the library reading room.

  • In memory of Prof. Polya Angelova - author Dr. Bogdan Bogdanov, Deputy President of the National Statistical Institute - Sofia
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