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Administrative-territorial and territorial division of the Republic of Bulgaria as of 31 December 2020

Published at: 05.05.2021 - 11:00

As of 31 December 2020, the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is administratively divided into 28 administrative districts and 265 municipalities, in which there are 3 160 individual mayoralties. Тhere are 5 257 settlements in the Republic of Bulgaria, of which 257 towns, and 5 000 villages, while the settlement formations were 165 (including 8 of national and 157 of local importance).

Тhe smallest administrative district by area is Sofia (stolitsa), which at the same time is the biggest by population with 1 308 412 inhabitants and the only district with a population above 1 000 000. The smallest administrative district by population is Vidin with 81 212 inhabitants.

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