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Labour Market Areas

Published at: 16.12.2020 - 14:00

The NSI ad-hoc publication ‘Labour Market Areas’ is published on the NSI website and is also available on paper and CD-ROM. The publication is addressed to the users of statistical data and to the research community.

The Labour Market Area has become a well-established and widely discussed concept in regional geography and statistics both in Europe and overseas (in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Korea). A Labour Market Area is an economically integrated territory, where the majority of people both live and work. It is statistically defined based on commuting flows. The idea is essential for the creating of functional geographies modelling real socio-economic situations in the perspective of territorial policies. The publication is focused on the method for delineation of Labour Market Areas. It also summarizes the experience of Bulgaria and other countries while demonstrating the broad applicability of the concept to the statistical science and practice. The sustainability of results achieved so far is guaranteed through the availability of methodological papers, technical guidelines and an open IT tool (R package) for delineation of Labour Market Areas.

Statistical domain