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The National Statistical Institute Is Changing Its Organization of Work

Published at: 01.04.2020 - 15:50
In order to ensure the health and safety of its employees, respondents and users and in relation to the measures taken to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the National Statistical Institute is changing its organization of work.

Surveys and respondents

The National Statistical Institute suspended surveys, which are conducted via direct personal contact with the population and face-to-face interviews.

Household surveys are carried out by telephone or email wherever possible. Currently the Household Budget Survey and the Labour Force Survey are in progress.

Data collection for the project EU-SILC will start after April 15 and data will be collected via telephone interview or through the completion of an online survey by the households. The results of these surveys are extremely important and are the foundation of governing decision-making and the implementation of policies regarding employment and living conditions. Our associates will contact you by phone or email.

We rely on the respondents, included in the surveys, to be responsible and to answer our employees or contact us in order to submit questionnaires or logs. You can contact us at [email protected] as well as with experts from our regional offices. You can also call our numbers if you need any help filling in the questionnaires.

The survey on consumer prices is currently being conducted based on commodity prices listed on the Internet wherever possible. Due to the complicated epidemiological situation, visitations and observations of commercial retail establishments that are still open have been suspended, making work on the survey difficult. Until March 13 2020, the survey had been carried out as before and about 60% of the prices were documented.

Business surveys, which are conducted through online surveys, are carried out as before. If necessary, companies, whose responses are essential for the monitoring of a particular activity, are contacted.

Surveys, which use data from administrative registers and databases, as well as surveys, which use data from respondents - legal entities, are being conducted according to schedule and their results will be published as noted in the Release Calendar.

Following the border closure the fieldwork on the “Trips of Bulgarian residents abroad and arrivals of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria” survey, which is being carried out at the checkpoints and airports in Sofia, Varna and Burgas, is terminated. The data will be collected through administrative sources only.

The pilot census has been postponed by a month and is due to begin on April 20. The option of conducting it solely electronically is being discussed.


The reception desk for users of statistical information is working with no change in its office hours. However, we do encourage you to request the services you need via email at [email protected].

Information about the services can be found at

The INFOSTAT Information System is also available:

All of the drafted inquiries and certificates (NACE Certificate and Statistical Information) can be received via email after a bank transfer payment.

Requests for access to the Business Statistics Information System can be processed entirely electronically and free of charge.

Exception: A certified copy of the Annual Activity Report is received only in person by a manager/managing partner or an authorized person with a notarized power of attorney at the NSI Reception Desk. Due to the specifics of this service, a licensed postal operator cannot be used.

The NSI Library temporarily suspends the access of external visitors to the reading room. However, you can use the resources available in the Digital Library through the site: or

The NSI Team

A crisis management team has been set up to deal with the crisis. The members of the team are in constant communication with each other and with their colleagues.

NSI employees are divided into equivalent teams, with experts in each team not meeting those from the others. Some employees are taking paid leave, while others – such as mothers with young children and people with disabilities – have been granted VPN access along with access to their office email.

Documents from the NSI document registry system can be received and sent electronically through the Secure Electronic Service System of the State e-Government Agency.

Get involved, it matters

The National Statistical Institute team calls upon household members, who are included in the samples, as well as business representatives, to respond to the questionnaires. Only in this way will society have accurate and timely information on the economy, social matters, demography and the environment.

Your participation will support the process of making informed governmental decisions so that people and business can endure the current crisis in a less painful fashion and overcome the negative effects on all spheres of public, social and economic life.