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National Statistical Programme for 2016

Adopted by Council of Ministers Decision 35/22.01.2016, promulgated in State Gazette Issue 9/02.02.2016

The National Statistical Programme for 2016 is elaborated in accordance with Chapter Three of the Law on Statistics. The programme includes Plan for activity of National Statistical Institute (NSI) and the Plans for statistical activities of the Bodies of Statistics.
The development of methodology, production and dissemination of statistical information in the National Statistical System of the Republic of Bulgaria is realized in accordance with adopted uniform European standards and harmonized methods. The new surveys and activities included in the national programme for 2016 are related to user needs and to priorities of the Community Statistical Programme for 2016. The new surveys and activities included in NSP 2016 are:
- Residence permits for foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria (according to Art. 6 of the Regulation 862/2007, Directive 2009/50/EC and Art. 15 of the Directive 2011/98/EU);
- Survey on relevance of the concept for usually resident population (according to Regulation 1260/2013);
- Continuing vocational training of employees;
- Adult education survey;
- Sales revenue by product type;
- Structural business statistics indicators for the non-financial enterprises;
- Current maintenance of statistical data on Europe 2020 strategy and sustainable development indicators;
- Updating the methodology and content of the system of sustainable development indicators;
- Reports according to Regulation (EU) No 538/2014 of the European parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on European environmental economic accounts /implementation/;
- Maintenance of Quality Management System according ISO 9001: 2008 standart;
- Coordination of the actitvities on the Action Plan for implementation of the recommendations of the Peer Review 2014 in the NSI;
- Aligning of the NSI information assets in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 „Systems for information security management“;
- Preparation and certification on information security in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 „Systems for information security management“;
- Joining the Registry Agency to the single entry point developed between the NSI and NRA;
- Product classifications - development of new versions of PRODAGRO, PRODENERGY and PRODCOM.BG (structure and corresponding tables);
- Development of Nomenclature „Installation, maintenance, repair and rental described by CPA 2.1 products”; update of Nomenclature „Trade described by CPA 2.1 products”;
- Geographical classifications - development of new versions of COUNTRY, Version 2015. BG and GEONOM-2015.BG.
The NSI will participate in the following new EC projects:
- Labour Force Survey ad hoc module 2016 on young people on the labour market;
- Progress towards full implementation of the ESA 2010 and its quality framework;
- Provide macroeconomic accounts and aggregates supplemented by satellite accounts and measures of social performance: Action 1: „Price statistics – methodological and practical improvements and developments“ and Action 2: „House transaction data – at least at quarterly”;
- Regional business and employer business demography data;
- Micro data linking of Structural Business Statistics and other business statistics;
- Steps towards implementing the definition of statistical units for business statistics: Delineation of statistical units;
- ESS.VIP ESBRs 2015 Individual Grants – Implementation of interoperable business registers;
- Statistics for family businesses;
- Establishment of physical water flow accounts (volumes);
- Food waste statistics 2015;
- Data collection for sub-national statistics (mainly cities);
- Data collection for sub-national statistics: Labour Market Areas;
- Horizontal and vertical integration: implementing technical and statistical standards in the European Statistical System;
- ESSnet "Big data".
The results of statistical surveys included in the National Statistical Programme are accessible to all. Deadlines, form and mode for presentation of the results are in conformity with Eurostat requirements.
Changes in the organisation of some surveys and shortening the deadlines for providing data for users are made in connection with cost optimization and reducing the respondents burden.
According to the Law on Statistics, Article 16 paragraph 1, the funds necessary for the implementation of the National Statistical Programme are provided from the State Budget and from direct financial contribution (grant funds) from Eurostat and other bodies and organisations and are specified apart from the funds for maintenance of the National Statistical Institute. The Law on State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria for 2016, published in State Gazette Issue 96/09.12.2015, specifies 18 852 100 BGN for costs, of which 16 482 100 BGN for current costs in the NSI's Budget for 2016. The funding amounts to 15 485 925 BGN for regular surveys, 606 800 BGN for new surveys and activities, and 389 375 BGN for contracts for grants.
The plans for statistical activities of the Bodies of Statistics in 2016 are financed from the budgets of the respective institutions.