Guide for Authors of DGINS Conference Papers
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Session I – Household perspective and distributional aspects of income, consumption and wealth
Progress report of the Taskforce "HP": "Household perspective and distributional aspects of income, consumption and wealth"
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Inequalities between households in the national accounts: the French experience, INSEE, France
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Session II – Environmental sustainability
Measuring Sustainability - About Political and Statistical Needs and Opportunities to Strengthen the Global Principle of Sustainable Development, Ministry of Environment, Germany
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A brief introduction to the measurement of progress of societies at Statistics Netherlands, Rutger Hoekstra, Jan Pieter Smits, CBS, Netherlands
PDF 305.95KB
Dashboard of Sustainable Development: Visual aggregation of the Swiss Sustainable Development Indicators System, BFS, Switzerland
PDF 390.56KB
The Swedish web-based household budget simulation model, SCB, Sweden
PDF 175.54KB
Sustainable Development Indicators in Germany and Linkages to Stiglitz/Sen, Destatis, Germany
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Session III – Multidimensional measure of quality of life
Objective Indicators of Quality of life, INSEE, France
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EU-SILC provisional results available two months after data collection. The case of INE-Spain - Antonio ARGUESO, Director of Social and Demographic Statistics, INE-Spain
PDF 118.07KB
Quality of life in the EU: Trends in key dimensions 2003-2009 - Robert ANDERSON, Branislav MIKULIC and Eszter SANDOR, Eurofound
PDF 63.21KB
Statistics - essential tool for multidimensional analysis in measurements of social processes under crisis, CSB Latvia
PDF 105.58KB
Subjective measures in multidimensional quality of life measurement, CSO, Poland
PDF 125.99KB
Multiple dimensions of poverty and social exclusion - The example of the Europe 2020 strategy, Eurostat
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Measuring progress, well-being and sustainable development - Sofia Memorandum