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The Partnership Group

The Partnership Group is a group of Directors General of the National Statistical Institutes of the ESS whose mission is to further the development of the ESS at the highest level, notably through ensuring the effective functioning of the European Statistical System Committee.

Its tasks are to:

  • Identify and propose strategic issues for discussion by the ESSC,
  • Assist in co-ordinating the co-operation between National Statistical Systems and Eurostat on strategic issues in order to participate in the formulation of the issues before discussion in the ESSC,
  • Discuss contentious issues in order either to make proposals to the ESSC with the aim of achieving consensus or to refer them to other bodies (e.g. Sector Groups) for further work,
  • Channel ideas from ESSC members on the state of co-operation and how it could be improved,
  • Comment on agendas for future ESSC meetings and discuss the substance of upcoming ESSC agenda items,
  • Monitor the functioning of the ESSC and its subsidiary bodies,
  • Work in an inclusive way, keeping all Heads of National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) informed of discussion and actions through information exchange via the Network Group and ensuring that non-members views can be taken into account.

The Partnership Group normally meets four times a year between ESSC meetings.