Bulgarian statistics is eighth in the world in the open data ranking

Open Data Inventory (ODIN) was presented at the annual forum of the statistical offices in New York under the auspices of the United Nations, according to which Bulgaria ranks eighth in the world in the open data dissemination. The non-governmental organization Open Data Watch, which has elaborated this inventory, works at the junction of open data and official statistics, monitoring open data policies, measuring their success and impact, sharing knowledge, building partnerships, and offering strategic advice and practical assistance to national governments, international organizations, and other NGOs.

The generalized estimates in the analysis refer to 21 categories and 10 elements that characterize the three main areas of assessment - social statistics, economic statistics and environmental statistics. The results are spread into a scale from 0 to 100.

In the three evaluated areas, Bulgaria is presented exceptionally well in comparison with other Eastern European countries and is well above the average for all countries.

According to the results at the top three places in the ranking are Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden - respectively 80, 78 and 77 points. From the Eastern European countries with the best performance is Poland, which is fourth in the world. Bulgaria ranks eighth with 73 points.

Detailed information on Bulgaria's indicators can be found here. The Open Data Watch website has also published full report.