Grant Agreement ‘Statistics on research & development (R&D) and innovation in 2018 (CIS 2018)’

The National Statistics Institute has started working on the project ‘Statistics on research & development (R&D) and innovation in 2018 (CIS 2018)’. The implementation of the project is according to Grant Agreement with European Commission No. 06163.2017.002-2017.504.

The general objective of the project is to increase the level of harmonisation of the national questionnaire for the survey on innovation activity of the enterprises with the harmonised questionnaire on innovation in the European Union in 2018 (CIS 2018). In the framework of the project, internationally comparable data on new indicators on innovations will be compiled, to contribute to the identification of ‘innovation profile’ of the enterprises.

The project duration is 30 months and will be completed at the end of June 2020.