Meeting of the National Statistical Council

At the meeting of the National Statistical Council (NSC), held on December 1, 2017, the Report on the implementation of the National Statistical Programme and the Activity of the NSI in 2017 was discussed and adopted. Over the past year the NSI conducted 257 statistical surveys and activities, respectively the bodies of statistics - 44. A detailed review of the implementation of all statistical surveys and strategic priorities in 2017 was made in the Report. The members of the National Statistical Council expressed their positive opinion on its content and scope.

The Draft National Statistical Programme for 2018 prepared by the NSI was discussed at the meeting. The National Statistical Programme envisages 267 statistical surveys and activities to be carried out by the National Statistical Institute and respectively 46 statistical surveys and activities - by the Bodies of statistics. The Draft National Statistical Programme includes 33 new statistical surveys, activities and projects planned by the NSI, as well as two new surveys planned by the Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry and by the National Social Security Institute. As the good work within the National Statistical System was highlighted, the 2018 Draft project of the National Statistical Program was approved by all participants.

At the meeting, Guidelines on dissemination of statistical information within National Statistical System were discussed and adopted.

In relation with the forthcoming Presidency of Bulgaria of the Council of the European Union from January, 1, 2018 to June, 30, 2018 Mr. Sergey Tsvetarsky, President of the National Statistical Institute familiarized members of the NSC with the Programme of Working Group ‘Statistics’.