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Dimitar Radilov
Резюме: SUMMARY From international perspective academic and educational scientific positions on statistical science relate to UNESCO, the International Statistical Institute, the Royal Statistical Society of the United Kingdom and the American Statistical Association.
In a study on statistical training in the social sciences in 1957 the Indian statistician Prof. Mahalanobis, offered two tracks of statistics, one dealing with the collection and analysis of state information and planning purposes, the other with modelling and drawing conclusions from heterogeneous information, in order to merge. The categories ‘aggregate’ and ‘set’ are interrelated. When measuring the mass phenomena in the unified being of the world - material-substantial and abstract they provide different ideas. The unified being ‘is an actual reality. There is an internal logic of development. It includes nature as a complete universum that was, exists, and will be. Man and society that have once arisen, exist and will continue to exist for a long time. Man is the bearer of consciousness. He is a conscious being.’ The scientific definition of being ‘according to the principles of philosophy’ has two components. They are nature and society. The state consists of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, the civil society - of political parties, the media, ethnic, religious and cultural communities, trade unions, foundations and other bodies. Households include the following activities: reproductive, social, securing, insurance and others. Institutional sectors cover non-financial and financial corporations.
In a market economy, statistical information is a commodity for which there is a demand and supply in the information market. I believe that the idea of a methodological reorganization of the phases of statistical study from three to five is in line with the philosophy of market economy. The term ‘data science’ is introduced by Cleveland, who argues that statistical science should change its name. Since then, the term ‘data science’ has become an expression that describes a discipline that is usually a combination of statistics and large-scale computing.
Ключови думи: aggregate, set, state, civil society, households, institutional sectors, data science
Дата на публикуване: 2020-03-13
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