Search for populated place


Reference presents information on successors, predecessors and sources of the populated place chosen.
Populated place can be also searched by part of name and/or part of code and/or type (town, village, neighborhood and others).
Searching by name does not depend on usage of capital or small letters. If up to three symbols are entered into the field "Name", only units which names start with the entered letters are searched. In case four or more symbols are entered, searching is conducted at the beginning, middle and end of the name. In case symbols are entered in the field "Code", units are searched, which codes begin with the entered symbols.
List of found populated places contains the code, full name, according to the searching criteria and the period, within which the populated place has the respective name.
If populated place is chosen, reference shows full names, codes, type and date of events of predecessors/sources or successors. Data on full names and codes is at the date of respective event. Thus, all predecessors/sources or successors of a chosen populated place can be traced.

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