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Reference "Changes by document" presents the units changed, on the grounds of chosen by the user document.
In the short document content, the changes of document are described in brief, for example "Mayoralty ......... is closed", "The historical name of ........... is restored", "Neighborhood .......... is recognized to be a village", "Populated places .......... are erased" and so on. When searching by short document content, use a key word, for example, name of unit you are interested in, type of change, type of unit.
In case type of document "All" is used and no other searching criteria are chosen, the list of all documents, entered in the register is presented.
In case no document is found, it is good to review searching conditions used and if necessary to change them or to search for all documents, entered in the register.
List of documents found contains information about:
- date of document enforcement;
- name of document (type, date, author);
- short content;
- note (shown in brackets after the short content);
- number of units concerned by the document (depending on entries into the register done);
- entire document text.
At the moment, no entire texts of all documents are entered.
There are no units concerned in the documents, which are no underlined.
In case of choice of document from the list, the reference is generated containing units changed, based on the document and type of the respective change.

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