Territorial or administrative-territorial units by chosen criteria
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Kind of unit
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Count of units: 709
Code Name of the unitPopulation
(as of 31.12.2009)
100014Ablanitsa village, Hadzhidimovo municipality, Blagoevgrad district2656
200223Aldomirovtsi village, Slivnitsa municipality, Sofia district1379
300254Aleko Konstantinovo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district3064
400299Aleksandrovo village, Lovech municipality, Lovech district2074
500309Aleksandrovo village, Pavel banya municipality, Stara Zagora district1714
600401Altimir village, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district1252
700480Anevo village, Sopot municipality, Plovdiv district1055
800504Anton village, Anton municipality, Sofia district1653
900549Aprilovo village, Gorna Malina municipality, Sofia district1091
1000672Archar village, Dimovo municipality, Vidin district2603
1100761Asenovtsi village, Levski municipality, Pleven district1606
1263015Atia village, Sozopol municipality, Burgas district1023
1302960Bachevo village, Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad district1654
1402935Bahovitsa village, Lovech municipality, Lovech district1058
1507257Balgarevo village, Kavarna municipality, Dobrich district1396
1607357Balgarski izvor village, Teteven municipality, Lovech district1304
1707363Balgarsko Slivovo village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1390
1802587Baniska village, Dve mogili municipality, Ruse district1291
1944402Banite village, Banite municipality, Smolyan district1047
2002590Banitsa village, Vratsa municipality, Vratsa district1246
2102734Banya village, Nova Zagora municipality, Sliven district1665
2202693Banya village, Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad district2930
2302779Barutin village, Dospat municipality, Smolyan district1880
2407510Barzia village, Berkovitsa municipality, Montana district1486
2502796Basarbovo village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district1349
2607572Bata village, Panagyurishte municipality, Pazardzhik district1195
2702810Bata village, Pomorie municipality, Burgas district1181
2807231Bazan village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district1221
2903304Belashtitsa village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district1814
3003294Belasitsa village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1137
3103602Belogradets village, Vetrino municipality, Varna district1226
3203647Belomortsi village, Omurtag municipality, Targovishte district1055
3303575Belovets village, Kubrat municipality, Razgrad district1993
3403620Belozem village, Rakovski municipality, Plovdiv district4014
3503825Benkovski village, Kirkovo municipality, Kardzhali district1979
3603839Benkovski village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district1368
3703143Bezhanovo village, Lukovit municipality, Lovech district1497
3803215Bezmer village, Tervel municipality, Dobrich district1229
3903229Bezmer village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1191
4004131Bisertsi village, Kubrat municipality, Razgrad district1249
4104220Bistritsa village, Dupnitsa municipality, Kyustendil district1628
4204234Bistritsa village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)4223
4304457Blaskovo village, Provadia municipality, Varna district1354
4404563Bogdan village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1026
4504738Bogomilovo village, Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora district1420
4605339Bolyartsi village, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district2710
4705462Borino village, Borino municipality, Smolyan district2516
4805548Borovan village, Borovan municipality, Vratsa district2524
4905606Borovo village, Gotse Delchev municipality, Blagoevgrad district1121
5005863Botevo village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1002
5114461Bov village, Svoge municipality, Sofia district1141
5205952Boyadzhik village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1427
5306029Boyantsi village, Asenovgrad municipality, Plovdiv district1450
5405013Bozhuritsa village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1102
5505102Bozveliysko village, Provadia municipality, Varna district1296
5606032Bradvari village, Silistra municipality, Silistra district1022
5706094Branichevo village, Kaolinovo municipality, Shumen district1220
5806077Branipole village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district2480
5906149Bratanitsa village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district2235
6006375Brenitsa village, Knezha municipality, Pleven district2039
6106402Brest village, Gulyantsi municipality, Pleven district2235
6206416Brestak village, Valchi dol municipality, Varna district1029
6306447Brestnik village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district1762
6406450Brestnitsa village, Yablanitsa municipality, Lovech district1062
6506481Brestovene village, Zavet municipality, Razgrad district2874
6606495Brestovets village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district1124
6706505Brestovitsa village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district3570
6806306Breznitsa village, Gotse Delchev municipality, Blagoevgrad district3257
6906999Bukovlak village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district3850
7007106Busmantsi village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1684
7107116Butan village, Kozloduy municipality, Vratsa district2934
7206848Buzovgrad village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district2380
7307586Byaga village, Bratsigovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1444
7407747Byal izvor village, Ardino municipality, Kardzhali district1646
7507692Byala reka village, Varbitsa municipality, Shumen district1162
7607613Byala village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1464
7780090Chakalarovo village, Kirkovo municipality, Kardzhali district1382
7880162Chalakovi village, Rakovski municipality, Plovdiv district1977
7980011Chavdar village, Chavdar municipality, Sofia district1347
8080323Chelopech village, Chelopech municipality, Sofia district1720
8180399Chepintsi village, Rudozem municipality, Smolyan district2016
8280409Chepintsi village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)2452
8380532Cherganovo village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1043
8480793Cherna gora village, Bratya Daskalovi municipality, Stara Zagora district1643
8580861Chernevo village, Suvorovo municipality, Varna district1386
8681013Cherniche village, Simitli municipality, Blagoevgrad district1104
8781966Chernik village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district2299
8881164Cherno more village, Burgas municipality, Burgas district2370
8981089Chernogorovo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district2281
9081150Chernolik village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1425
9180491Cherven breg village, Dupnitsa municipality, Kyustendil district1264
9280460Chervena voda village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district1529
9381342Cheshnegirovo village, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district1936
9481387Chintulovo village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1217
9581551Chomakovtsi village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1208
9681565Chorbadzhiysko village, Kirkovo municipality, Kardzhali district1851
9724241Dabene village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1631
9824267Dabnitsa village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district1670
9924342Dabovo village, Maglizh municipality, Stara Zagora district1229
10024400Dabravino village, Avren municipality, Varna district1460
10124493Dalbok izvor village, Parvomay municipality, Plovdiv district1622
10224482Dalboki village, Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora district1502
10324582Dalgo pole village, Kaloyanovo municipality, Plovdiv district2121
10420105Damyanitsa village, Sandanski municipality, Blagoevgrad district1315
10520273Debelt village, Sredets municipality, Burgas district1910
10620362Debrashtitsa village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1002
10720331Debren village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district2302
10820688Dermantsi village, Lukovit municipality, Lovech district2348
10920376Devene village, Vratsa municipality, Vratsa district1093
11020938Dibich village, Shumen municipality, Shumen district1132
11121172Dinkata village, Lesichovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1179
11224935Disevitsa village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district1127
11320986Divotino village, Pernik municipality, Pernik district1840
11421453Dobri dyal village, Lyaskovets municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1168
11521539Dobrich village, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1402
11621614Dobromir village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1043
11721556Dobrovnitsa village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1437
11821871Dolen village, Zlatograd municipality, Smolyan district1176
11922304Dolni Bogrov village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1321
12022438Dolni Lukovit village, Iskar municipality, Pleven district2042
12122472Dolni Pasarel village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1297
12222530Dolni Tsibar village, Valchedram municipality, Montana district1544
12322753Dolno Osenovo village, Simitli municipality, Blagoevgrad district1470
12422616Dolno Dryanovo village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district1196
12522988Donchevo village, Dobrich-selska municipality, Dobrich district1012
12623008Dorkovo village, Rakitovo municipality, Pazardzhik district2880
12721823Doyrentsi village, Lovech municipality, Lovech district1250
12823100Draganovo village, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2730
12923251Dragichevo village, Pernik municipality, Pernik district2046
13023234Draginovo village, Velingrad municipality, Pazardzhik district4799
13123457Dragor village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1413
13223296Dragovishtitsa village, Kostinbrod municipality, Sofia district1084
13323577Drangovo village, Kirkovo municipality, Kardzhali district1149
13423649Dren village, Radomir municipality, Pernik district1404
13523672Drenovets village, Ruzhintsi municipality, Vidin district1517
13623813Drumevo village, Shumen municipality, Shumen district1049
13724178Dushevo village, Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo district1024
13824829Dyankovo village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district2913
13920763Dzherman village, Dupnitsa municipality, Kyustendil district1384
14020835Dzhulyunitsa village, Lyaskovets municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1900
14120897Dzhurovo village, Pravets municipality, Sofia district1016
14227169Ekzarh Antimovo village, Karnobat municipality, Burgas district1010
14327293Eleshnitsa village, Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad district1396
14427365Elhovets village, Rudozem municipality, Smolyan district1115
14518490Elin Pelin village, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district3774
14627499Enina village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district2572
14727509Enitsa village, Knezha municipality, Pleven district1098
14827156Ezerche village, Tsar Kaloyan municipality, Razgrad district1975
14927125Ezerovo village, Beloslav municipality, Varna district1845
15014012Gabare village, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district1188
15114026Gabarevo village, Pavel banya municipality, Stara Zagora district1583
15214074Gabra village, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district1110
15314180Gabrovnitsa village, Montana municipality, Montana district1140
15418229Galabets village, Pomorie municipality, Burgas district1228
15514386Galata village, Teteven municipality, Lovech district2532
15614406Galiche village, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district2017
15718366Garmen village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district1712
15814275Gavrailovo village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1149
15914831German village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)2451
16018589Getsovo village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district1902
16114876Gigen village, Gulyantsi municipality, Pleven district2192
16214934Glava village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1397
16314951Glavan village, Galabovo municipality, Stara Zagora district1117
16415028Glavinitsa village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district2516
16515148Glogovo village, Teteven municipality, Lovech district1472
16618505Glozhene village, Kozloduy municipality, Vratsa district2796
16715165Glozhene village, Teteven municipality, Lovech district1059
16815566Golesh village, Kaynardzha municipality, Silistra district1370
16915829Golyamo Vranovo village, Slivo pole municipality, Ruse district1688
17015833Golyamo gradishte village, Opaka municipality, Targovishte district1098
17115895Golyamo novo village, Targovishte municipality, Targovishte district1241
17216050Goren chiflik village, Dolni chiflik municipality, Varna district1450
17316314Gorna Malina village, Gorna Malina municipality, Sofia district1495
17416345Gorna Mitropolia village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1827
17516448Gorni Bogrov village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1302
17616537Gorni Dabnik village, Dolni Dabnik municipality, Pleven district1914
17716540Gornik village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1250
17816674Gorno Ablanovo village, Borovo municipality, Ruse district1160
17949076Gorno Cherkovishte village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1483
18016763Gorno Dryanovo village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district1025
18177596Gorno Kraishte village, Belitsa municipality, Blagoevgrad district1145
18216924Gorno Sahrane village, Pavel banya municipality, Stara Zagora district1455
18317141Gorski izvor village, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1464
18415271Govedare village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1643
18515285Govedartsi village, Samokov municipality, Sofia district1329
18617436Gradets village, Kotel municipality, Sliven district3939
18717422Gradets village, Vidin municipality, Vidin district1476
18817419Gradezhnitsa village, Teteven municipality, Lovech district1789
18917484Gradina village, Parvomay municipality, Plovdiv district2457
19017556Gradishte village, Levski municipality, Pleven district1234
19117587Gradnitsa village, Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo district1246
19217806Graf Ignatievo village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district1887
19317823Grashevo village, Velingrad municipality, Pazardzhik district1243
19417854Grivitsa village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district1778
19517912Grozdyovo village, Dolni chiflik municipality, Varna district2389
19618469Gyulyovtsa village, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district1061
19777027Hadzhidimitrovo village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1552
19877061Hadzhievo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1169
19968730Han Asparuhovo village, Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora district1181
20077548Harlets village, Kozloduy municipality, Vratsa district2158
20177102Hayredin village, Hayredin municipality, Vratsa district1583
20277476Hrishteni village, Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora district1786
20377462Hristo Danovo village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1691
20432278Ignatievo village, Aksakovo municipality, Varna district4253
20532826Iskra village, Parvomay municipality, Plovdiv district1535
20632839Iskra village, Sitovo municipality, Silistra district1856
20732843Iskrets village, Svoge municipality, Sofia district2069
20832888Isperihovo village, Bratsigovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1979
20932158Ivanski village, Shumen municipality, Shumen district1649
21032010Ivaylo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district3150
21135095Kadievo village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district1173
21235300Kalekovets village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district2544
21341143Kalipetrovo village, Silistra municipality, Silistra district4592
21435515Kaloyanovets village, Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora district1178
21535523Kaloyanovo village, Kaloyanovo municipality, Plovdiv district2417
21635571Kalugerovo village, Lesichovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1280
21735643Kamburovo village, Omurtag municipality, Targovishte district1199
21835660Kamen village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1275
21935657Kamen village, Strazhitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1651
22035701Kamenar village, Varna municipality, Varna district2447
22140868Kanchevo village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1098
22236110Kapitan Andreevo village, Svilengrad municipality, Haskovo district1000
22336141Kapitanovtsi village, Vidin municipality, Vidin district1186
22436172Karabunar village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district1471
22536230Karadzhalovo village, Parvomay municipality, Plovdiv district1298
22636244Karadzhovo village, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district1050
22736227Karageorgievo village, Aytos municipality, Burgas district1356
22836289Karaisen village, Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1210
22936325Karamantsi village, Mineralni bani municipality, Haskovo district1006
23036419Karapelit village, Dobrich-selska municipality, Dobrich district1203
23136186Karavelovo village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1577
23236467Kardam village, General Toshevo municipality, Dobrich district1051
23336470Kardam village, Popovo municipality, Targovishte district1491
23440912Karnalovo village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1756
23536590Kaspichan village, Kaspichan municipality, Shumen district1602
23641010Katina village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1011
23736676Katunitsa village, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district2513
23836693Katuntsi village, Sandanski municipality, Blagoevgrad district1437
23935081Kavrakirovo village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1540
24036782Kesarevo village, Strazhitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1608
24137099Kichevo village, Aksakovo municipality, Varna district1103
24236943Kirchevo village, Ugarchin municipality, Lovech district1278
24337010Kitanchevo village, Isperih municipality, Razgrad district1549
24437174Kladnitsa village, Pernik municipality, Pernik district1172
24537232Kliment village, Kaolinovo municipality, Shumen district1019
24637229Kliment village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1294
24739089Kochan village, Satovcha municipality, Blagoevgrad district3060
24837856Koilovtsi village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district1123
24937914Kokalyane village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1848
25037989Kolarovo village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district2009
25138145Komarevo village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1224
25238159Komoshtitsa village, Yakimovo municipality, Montana district1052
25338176Komuniga village, Chernoochene municipality, Kardzhali district1141
25438337Konstantin village, Elena municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1120
25538354Konstantinovo village, Varna municipality, Varna district1356
25638563Koprinka village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district2832
25738532Koprivlen village, Hadzhidimovo municipality, Blagoevgrad district1378
25838666Kornitsa village, Gotse Delchev municipality, Blagoevgrad district1606
25938683Korten village, Nova Zagora municipality, Sliven district1813
26039164Kosharitsa village, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district1200
26138916Kostenets village, Kostenets municipality, Sofia district3822
26238950Kostievo village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district1791
26337491Kovachevo village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district2468
26437544Kovachitsa village, Lom municipality, Montana district1255
26537705Kozarsko village, Bratsigovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1044
26637784Kozlovets village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1492
26739270Kraishte village, Belitsa municipality, Blagoevgrad district2328
26840292Kran village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district3469
26939459Kranevo village, Balchik municipality, Dobrich district1233
27039339Kraynitsi village, Dupnitsa municipality, Kyustendil district2020
27139671Krepcha village, Opaka municipality, Targovishte district1250
27239668Krepost village, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1626
27339743Kriva bara village, Brusartsi municipality, Montana district1132
27439791Krivina village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1439
27540004Krumovo village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district3159
27640052Krupnik village, Simitli municipality, Blagoevgrad district2241
27740083Krushare village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district2126
27840097Krushari village, Krushari municipality, Dobrich district1592
27940195Krushovene village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1054
28040213Krushovitsa village, Dolni Dabnik municipality, Pleven district2051
28140200Krushovitsa village, Mizia municipality, Vratsa district1653
28240484Kukorevo village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1659
28340717Kurtovo Konare village, Stamboliyski municipality, Plovdiv district2640
28414475Lakatnik village, Svoge municipality, Sofia district1296
28544358Lavino village, Isperih municipality, Razgrad district1066
28644416Lazhnitsa village, Gotse Delchev municipality, Blagoevgrad district1486
28743517Lehchevo village, Boychinovtsi municipality, Montana district1922
28843325Lesidren village, Ugarchin municipality, Lovech district1173
28943445Lesnovo village, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district1807
29043712Lilyache village, Vratsa municipality, Vratsa district1207
29143685Lilyak village, Targovishte municipality, Targovishte district1167
29243904Litakovo village, Botevgrad municipality, Sofia district1883
29344286Lomtsi village, Popovo municipality, Targovishte district1052
29444053Lozen village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district1053
29544519Lyuben Karavelovo village, Aksakovo municipality, Varna district1640
29644690Lyulyakovo village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1740
29746053Madara village, Shumen municipality, Shumen district1281
29849477Maglen village, Aytos municipality, Burgas district1254
29946841Malchika village, Levski municipality, Pleven district1438
30046293Malevo village, Haskovo municipality, Haskovo district1290
30146749Malo Konare village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district4479
30246810Malorad village, Borovan municipality, Vratsa district1926
30347010Manastirishte village, Hayredin municipality, Vratsa district1156
30447086Manole village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district2938
30547096Manolich village, Sungurlare municipality, Burgas district1217
30649597Marchaevo village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1273
30747189Marikostinovo village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1354
30847202Marinka village, Burgas municipality, Burgas district1173
30947295Markovo village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district2271
31046125Maysko village, Elena municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1107
31147593Medkovets village, Medkovets municipality, Montana district1850
31247620Medovets village, Dalgopol municipality, Varna district1689
31347812Menenkyovo village, Belovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1011
31448492Mihaylovo village, Hayredin municipality, Vratsa district1121
31548578Mihnevo village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1140
31649686Mikrevo village, Strumyani municipality, Blagoevgrad district2222
31748152Milevo village, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district1005
31848204Milkovitsa village, Gulyantsi municipality, Pleven district1889
31948297Mineralni bani village, Mineralni bani municipality, Haskovo district1303
32048324Mirkovo village, Mirkovo municipality, Sofia district1760
32148393Mirovyane village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1474
32248876Mokrishte village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district2007
32349014Momchilovtsi village, Smolyan municipality, Smolyan district1308
32448903Momina klisura village, Belovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1028
32549028Morava village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1200
32649093Mortagonovo village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district1091
32749206Mramor village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1865
32849309Muldava village, Asenovgrad municipality, Plovdiv district1289
32949388Musachevo village, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district1243
33049432Musomishta village, Gotse Delchev municipality, Blagoevgrad district2196
33151295Nedan village, Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1384
33251250Negovan village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1475
33351679Nikolovo village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district3004
33451956Nova Cherna village, Tutrakan municipality, Silistra district1763
33551874Nova mahala village, Batak municipality, Pazardzhik district2129
33651946Novachene village, Botevgrad municipality, Sofia district1421
33751932Novachene village, Nikopol municipality, Pleven district1298
33852012Novi han village, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district2359
33952074Novo Delchevo village, Sandanski municipality, Blagoevgrad district1146
34052180Novo Selo village, Novo Selo municipality, Vidin district1144
34152235Novo selo village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district1176
34252221Novo selo village, Stamboliyski municipality, Plovdiv district2325
34353089Obnova village, Levski municipality, Pleven district2242
34453103Oborishte village, Panagyurishte municipality, Pazardzhik district1254
34553117Obretenik village, Borovo municipality, Ruse district1495
34653120Obrochishte village, Balchik municipality, Dobrich district2411
34753134Obruchishte village, Galabovo municipality, Stara Zagora district1835
34853446Odarne village, Pordim municipality, Pleven district1057
34953326Ognyanovo village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district1570
35053335Ognyanovo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district2538
35153494Okorsh village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1617
35253583Opanets village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district1796
35353655Orehovitsa village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1440
35453672Oresh village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1779
35553707Oreshak village, Troyan municipality, Lovech district2246
35653822Orizare village, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district1456
35753850Orizovo village, Bratya Daskalovi municipality, Stara Zagora district1619
35853953Orlyak village, Tervel municipality, Dobrich district1922
35954105Osenets village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district1081
36054153Osetenovo village, Pavel banya municipality, Stara Zagora district1249
36154386Ostrov village, Oryahovo municipality, Vratsa district1580
36254417Ostrovo village, Zavet municipality, Razgrad district2229
36353196Ovcha mogila village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1721
36453254Ovchartsi village, Sapareva banya municipality, Kyustendil district1168
36553285Ovchepoltsi village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1087
36653148Oven village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1011
36753179Ovoshtnik village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1675
36855292Pamukchii village, Novi pazar municipality, Shumen district1277
36955419Pancharevo village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)2471
37022767Panicherevo village, Gurkovo municipality, Stara Zagora district1716
37155470Partizani village, Dalgopol municipality, Varna district1113
37259032Parvenets village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district3514
37359077Parvomay village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district3429
37459094Parvomaytsi village, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2829
37555556Patalenitsa village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1357
37658921Pchelnik village, Dolni chiflik municipality, Varna district1614
37756071Pet mogili village, Nikola Kozlevo municipality, Shumen district1097
37856215Petarch village, Kostinbrod municipality, Sofia district2225
37956201Petarnitsa village, Dolni Dabnik municipality, Pleven district1720
38065471Petko Karavelovo village, Polski Trambesh municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1677
38156037Petko Slaveykov village, Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo district1240
38256397Pirgovo village, Ivanovo municipality, Ruse district1949
38356472Pisarevo village, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1079
38456561Pishtigovo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1167
38556647Planinitsa village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1490
38656740Pletena village, Satovcha municipality, Blagoevgrad district1904
38756945Podayva village, Isperih municipality, Razgrad district1566
38857025Podem village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1023
38957131Pokrayna village, Vidin municipality, Vidin district1301
39057176Polenitsa village, Sandanski municipality, Blagoevgrad district1148
39157217Polikraishte village, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2029
39257368Polsko Kosovo village, Byala municipality, Ruse district1686
39357580Popintsi village, Panagyurishte municipality, Pazardzhik district2025
39457594Popitsa village, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district1942
39557621Popovitsa village, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district1394
39657813Poroyno village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1248
39757995Pravda village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1664
39858699Profesor Ishirkovo village, Silistra municipality, Silistra district1171
39958640Prosenik village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1355
40061279Radanovo village, Polski Trambesh municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1686
40161368Radievo village, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1040
40261371Radilovo village, Peshtera municipality, Pazardzhik district1504
40361580Radomirtsi village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1523
40461604Raduil village, Samokov municipality, Sofia district1119
40562089Rakovski village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district2568
40662222Rasovo village, Medkovets municipality, Montana district1297
40761056Ravda village, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district2216
40861145Ravnets village, Burgas municipality, Burgas district1465
40961248Ravno pole village, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district1507
41063570Razhena village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1170
41163567Razhevo Konare village, Kaloyanovo municipality, Plovdiv district1559
41263598Razhitsa village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1186
41362503Reselets village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1061
41462517Resen village, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2130
41562520Resilovo village, Sapareva banya municipality, Kyustendil district1305
41662579Ribaritsa village, Teteven municipality, Lovech district1137
41762640Ribnovo village, Garmen municipality, Blagoevgrad district2537
41862858Rogosh village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district3089
41962815Rogozen village, Hayredin municipality, Vratsa district1072
42063029Rosen village, Sozopol municipality, Burgas district1434
42162921Roza village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1240
42262949Rozino village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district4055
42362983Rozovo village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1302
42463152Rudartsi village, Pernik municipality, Pernik district1211
42563183Rudnik village, Burgas municipality, Burgas district3604
42663224Ruen village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district2282
42763241Ruets village, Targovishte municipality, Targovishte district1077
42849312Rupite village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1062
42963361Ruptsi village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1237
43063478Rusokastro village, Kameno municipality, Burgas district1225
43163668Ryahovo village, Slivo pole municipality, Ruse district1715
43263673Ryahovtsite village, Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo district1421
43365067Sadina village, Popovo municipality, Targovishte district1117
43465070Sadovets village, Dolni Dabnik municipality, Pleven district2390
43570514Saedinenie village, Sungurlare municipality, Burgas district1017
43665245Samoranovo village, Dupnitsa municipality, Kyustendil district1772
43765200Samovodene village, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1626
43865276Samuil village, Samuil municipality, Razgrad district1543
43965303Samuilovo village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district2185
44065348Sandrovo village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district1308
44165379Saparevo village, Sapareva banya municipality, Kyustendil district1459
44265437Saraya village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1463
44370586Sarnevo village, Radnevo municipality, Stara Zagora district1462
44465440Satovcha village, Satovcha municipality, Blagoevgrad district2188
44565499Sborishte village, Tvarditsa municipality, Sliven district1921
44670723Selanovtsi village, Oryahovo municipality, Vratsa district3723
44766041Seliminovo village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1493
44866202Semchinovo village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district1991
44966158Semerdzhievo village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district1132
45016184Septemvriytsi village, Valchedram municipality, Montana district1151
45166319Sestrimo village, Belovo municipality, Pazardzhik district1306
45265886Sevar village, Kubrat municipality, Razgrad district1823
45383106Sheynovo village, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district2013
45484049Shtraklevo village, Ivanovo municipality, Ruse district2510
45566490Sindel village, Avren municipality, Varna district1259
45666559Sinitovo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district2054
45766785Sklave village, Sandanski municipality, Blagoevgrad district1485
45866901Skrat village, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district1005
45966860Skravena village, Botevgrad municipality, Sofia district1773
46066915Skutare village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district2357
46167270Slashten village, Satovcha municipality, Blagoevgrad district2003
46267235Slatina village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1023
46367461Slokoshtitsa village, Kyustendil municipality, Kyustendil district1752
46467547Smilyan village, Smolyan municipality, Smolyan district1719
46567578Smirnenski village, Vetovo municipality, Ruse district2685
46667667Smolyanovtsi village, Montana municipality, Montana district1005
46767767Snyagovo village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1075
46868148Sofronievo village, Mizia municipality, Vratsa district1460
46967951Sokolovo village, Balchik municipality, Dobrich district1004
47068117Sotirya village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district2042
47168357Sredishte village, Kaynardzha municipality, Silistra district1318
47268672Staliyska mahala village, Lom municipality, Montana district1369
47368998Staro Oryahovo village, Dolni chiflik municipality, Varna district2713
47469016Starosel village, Hisarya municipality, Plovdiv district1278
47569095Staroseltsi village, Iskar municipality, Pleven district1174
47669105Startsevo village, Zlatograd municipality, Smolyan district2368
47768607Stavertsi village, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district1848
47869184Stefan Karadzha village, Glavinitsa municipality, Silistra district1031
47969300Stozher village, Dobrich-selska municipality, Dobrich district1537
48069746Stratsin village, Pomorie municipality, Burgas district1245
48170860Strazhets village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district1957
48269874Stroevo village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district1703
48370010Stryama village, Rakovski municipality, Plovdiv district3278
48470038Studena village, Pernik municipality, Pernik district1800
48565534Sveta Petka village, Velingrad municipality, Pazardzhik district1541
48665557Svetlen village, Popovo municipality, Targovishte district1208
48765601Svetovrachene village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)2191
48865663Svidnya village, Svoge municipality, Sofia district1124
48965810Svoboda village, Chirpan municipality, Stara Zagora district1168
49073571Tankovo village, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district1206
49173660Tarnak village, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district1673
49273643Tarnava village, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district2621
49373540Tazha village, Pavel banya municipality, Stara Zagora district1542
49472206Telish village, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district1166
49572240Tenevo village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1580
49672357Tetovo village, Ruse municipality, Ruse district2303
49772480Ticha village, Kotel municipality, Sliven district1078
49872463Tihomir village, Kirkovo municipality, Kardzhali district1262
49972549Todor Ikonomovo village, Kaolinovo municipality, Shumen district2027
50072816Topolchane village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district3044
50172709Topoli village, Varna municipality, Varna district3040
50272727Topolitsa village, Aytos municipality, Burgas district1008
50372789Topolovo village, Asenovgrad municipality, Plovdiv district2830
50443058Toros village, Lukovit municipality, Lovech district1619
50573287Tranak village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1246
50673362Trastenik village, Ivanovo municipality, Ruse district1362
50773081Trivoditsi village, Stamboliyski municipality, Plovdiv district1316
50873211Troyanovo village, Kameno municipality, Burgas district1255
50973242Trud village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district3814
51073256Trudovets village, Botevgrad municipality, Sofia district3234
51178029Tsalapitsa village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district4104
51278238Tsar Samuil village, Tutrakan municipality, Silistra district1486
51378080Tsaratsovo village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district2179
51478104Tsarev brod village, Shumen municipality, Shumen district1314
51578121Tsarevets village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1195
51678171Tsarimir village, Saedinenie municipality, Plovdiv district1202
51778361Tsenovo village, Tsenovo municipality, Ruse district1673
51878481Tserovo village, Svoge municipality, Sofia district1733
51978519Tsonevo village, Dalgopol municipality, Varna district2403
52078570Tsrancha village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1213
52173420Tulovo village, Maglizh municipality, Stara Zagora district1387
52275188Ustina village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district2283
52375191Ustrem village, Topolovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1059
52475085Uzundzhovo village, Haskovo municipality, Haskovo district1862
52512406Vaglen village, Aksakovo municipality, Varna district1130
52610029Vakarel village, Ihtiman municipality, Sofia district2017
52710046Vaklinovo village, Satovcha municipality, Blagoevgrad district1121
52812601Valchitran village, Pordim municipality, Pleven district1102
52912499Valkosel village, Satovcha municipality, Blagoevgrad district2521
53012509Valnari village, Nikola Kozlevo municipality, Shumen district1678
53112735Varbitsa village, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1186
53212783Varbovka village, Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1288
53310118Vardim village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district1161
53410121Vardun village, Targovishte municipality, Targovishte district1013
53510104Varvara village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district2184
53610207Vasil Levski village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1658
53710255Vasilovtsi village, Brusartsi municipality, Montana district1337
53810291Vedrare village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1188
53910505Velichkovo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1103
54010776Veselinovo village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1215
54110851Vetren dol village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district1520
54210848Vetren village, Maglizh municipality, Stara Zagora district1363
54310865Vetrino village, Vetrino municipality, Varna district1036
54411154Vinogradets village, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district1625
54511394Vladaya village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)3719
54611418Vladimirovo village, Boychinovtsi municipality, Montana district1453
54711449Vladimirovtsi village, Samuil municipality, Razgrad district1170
54811510Vlado Trichkov village, Svoge municipality, Sofia district1418
54912022Vokil village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1227
55012084Voluyak village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)2655
55112005Voynyagovo village, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1202
55212019Voysil village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district1022
55311845Voyvodinovo village, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district1958
55411867Voyvodovo village, Haskovo municipality, Haskovo district1155
55512283Vrachesh village, Botevgrad municipality, Sofia district3508
55687093Yabalchevo village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1098
55787076Yabalkovo village, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1517
55887031Yablanovo village, Kotel municipality, Sliven district3011
55987212Yagoda village, Maglizh municipality, Stara Zagora district2690
56087240Yagodovo village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district3197
56187727Yahinovo village, Dupnitsa municipality, Kyustendil district2186
56287299Yakimovo village, Yakimovo municipality, Montana district1698
56387401Yana village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1231
56487480Yardzhilovtsi village, Pernik municipality, Pernik district1118
56587504Yarebitsa village, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district1357
56687597Yasen village, Pleven municipality, Pleven district2536
56787610Yasenkovo village, Venets municipality, Shumen district1950
56887624Yasenovets village, Razgrad municipality, Razgrad district2668
56934028Yoakim Gruevo village, Stamboliyski municipality, Plovdiv district2877
57086074Yunatsite village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1574
57186101Yurukovo village, Yakoruda municipality, Blagoevgrad district1138
57230291Zamfir village, Lom municipality, Montana district1020
57330301Zamfirovo village, Berkovitsa municipality, Montana district1301
57431396Zarnevo village, Tervel municipality, Dobrich district1222
57530096Zavoy village, Tundzha municipality, Yambol district1069
57630243Zaychar village, Ruen municipality, Burgas district1131
57730819Zetyovo village, Chirpan municipality, Stara Zagora district1291
57830606Zgorigrad village, Vratsa municipality, Vratsa district1734
57929605Zhaltusha village, Ardino municipality, Kardzhali district1030
58029150Zheleznitsa village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)1729
58129194Zhelyu voyvoda village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district2523
58229386Zhilentsi village, Kyustendil municipality, Kyustendil district1176
58329475Zhitnitsa village, Kaloyanovo municipality, Plovdiv district1547
58430822Zidarovo village, Sozopol municipality, Burgas district1316
58530898Zimnitsa village, Straldzha municipality, Yambol district1818
58630942Zlatar village, Veliki Preslav municipality, Shumen district1254
58730990Zlati voyvoda village, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1005
58831036Zlatitrap village, Rodopi municipality, Plovdiv district1313
58931259Zmeitsa village, Dospat municipality, Smolyan district1515
59030572Zvanichevo village, Pazardzhik municipality, Pazardzhik district1910
59130510Zverino village, Mezdra municipality, Vratsa district1766
59230497Zvezditsa village, Varna municipality, Varna district1148
59300833town of Aheloy, Pomorie municipality, Burgas district2240
59400878town of Ahtopol, Tsarevo municipality, Burgas district1327
59500415town of Alfatar, Alfatar municipality, Silistra district1714
59600518town of Antonovo, Antonovo municipality, Targovishte district1453
59752218town of Apriltsi, Apriltsi municipality, Lovech district3207
59800607town of Ardino, Ardino municipality, Kardzhali district3577
59907332town of Balgarovo, Burgas municipality, Burgas district1894
60002720town of Banya, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district3498
60102837town of Batak, Batak municipality, Pazardzhik district3498
60272223town of Batanovtsi, Pernik municipality, Pernik district2328
60303504town of Belitsa, Belitsa municipality, Blagoevgrad district3137
60403592town of Belovo, Belovo municipality, Pazardzhik district3837
60504532town of Boboshevo, Boboshevo municipality, Kyustendil district1310
60605284town of Bolyarovo, Bolyarovo municipality, Yambol district1303
60705611town of Borovo, Borovo municipality, Ruse district2330
60805236town of Boychinovtsi, Boychinovtsi municipality, Montana district1648
60906207town of Bratsigovo, Bratsigovo municipality, Pazardzhik district4452
61006224town of Bregovo, Bregovo municipality, Vidin district2592
61106286town of Breznik, Breznik municipality, Pernik district3939
61206361town of Brezovo, Brezovo municipality, Plovdiv district1886
61306570town of Brusartsi, Brusartsi municipality, Montana district1302
61407140town of Buhovo, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)2947
61507716town of Byala cherkva, Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2612
61607598town of Byala, Byala municipality, Varna district2171
61781178town of Chernomorets, Sozopol municipality, Burgas district2177
61881390town of Chiprovtsi, Chiprovtsi municipality, Montana district1871
61924565town of Dalgopol, Dalgopol municipality, Varna district4829
62020242town of Debelets, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district4283
62121097town of Dimovo, Dimovo municipality, Vidin district1211
62221498town of Dobrinishte, Bansko municipality, Blagoevgrad district2736
62322215town of Dolna Mitropolia, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district3303
62422232town of Dolna Oryahovitsa, Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district3027
62522006town of Dolna banya, Dolna banya municipality, Sofia district4652
62622407town of Dolni Dabnik, Dolni Dabnik municipality, Pleven district4761
62723025town of Dospat, Dospat municipality, Smolyan district2604
62823409town of Dragoman, Dragoman municipality, Sofia district3375
62924061town of Dunavtsi, Vidin municipality, Vidin district2743
63020184town of Dve mogili, Dve mogili municipality, Ruse district4342
63120746town of Dzhebel, Dzhebel municipality, Kardzhali district2952
63215031town of Glavinitsa, Glavinitsa municipality, Silistra district1928
63315151town of Glodzhevo, Vetovo municipality, Ruse district3659
63415309town of Godech, Godech municipality, Sofia district4407
63517645town of Gramada, Gramada municipality, Vidin district1647
63618099town of Gulyantsi, Gulyantsi municipality, Pleven district3432
63718157town of Gurkovo, Gurkovo municipality, Stara Zagora district2917
63877058town of Hadzhidimovo, Hadzhidimovo municipality, Blagoevgrad district2657
63955782town of Iskar, Iskar municipality, Pleven district3622
64032024town of Ivaylovgrad, Ivaylovgrad municipality, Haskovo district3756
64135033town of Kableshkovo, Pomorie municipality, Burgas district2853
64235496town of Kalofer, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district3259
64335883town of Kameno, Kameno municipality, Burgas district4848
64436079town of Kaolinovo, Kaolinovo municipality, Shumen district1538
64536587town of Kaspichan, Kaspichan municipality, Shumen district3260
64636779town of Kermen, Sliven municipality, Sliven district1895
64736837town of Kilifarevo, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2322
64837023town of Kiten, Primorsko municipality, Burgas district1163
64937277town of Klisura, Karlovo municipality, Plovdiv district1290
65039116town of Kocherinovo, Kocherinovo municipality, Kyustendil district2599
65138558town of Koprivshtitsa, Koprivshtitsa municipality, Sofia district2405
65238844town of Kostandovo, Rakitovo municipality, Pazardzhik district4341
65337863town of Koynare, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district4464
65414492town of Kresna, Kresna municipality, Blagoevgrad district3485
65539846town of Krivodol, Krivodol municipality, Vratsa district3282
65639970town of Krumovgrad, Krumovgrad municipality, Kardzhali district4961
65740525town of Kula, Kula municipality, Vidin district3287
65844478town of Laki, Laki municipality, Plovdiv district2491
65943476town of Letnitsa, Letnitsa municipality, Lovech district3739
66044166town of Loznitsa, Loznitsa municipality, Razgrad district2409
66149494town of Maglizh, Maglizh municipality, Stara Zagora district3426
66246663town of Malko Tarnovo, Malko Tarnovo municipality, Burgas district2449
66347336town of Marten, Ruse municipality, Ruse district3691
66447843town of Merichleri, Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo district1943
66548043town of Mizia, Mizia municipality, Vratsa district3354
66650245town of Momin prohod, Kostenets municipality, Sofia district1561
66751319town of Nedelino, Nedelino municipality, Smolyan district4641
66851648town of Nikolaevo, Nikolaevo municipality, Stara Zagora district2872
66951723town of Nikopol, Nikopol municipality, Pleven district3892
67053045town of Obzor, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district2374
67153552town of Opaka, Opaka municipality, Targovishte district2873
67255021town of Pavel banya, Pavel banya municipality, Stara Zagora district2918
67356719town of Plachkovtsi, Tryavna municipality, Gabrovo district1930
67456770town of Pliska, Kaspichan municipality, Shumen district1051
67557354town of Polski Trambesh, Polski Trambesh municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district4546
67657772town of Pordim, Pordim municipality, Pleven district2117
67758030town of Pravets, Pravets municipality, Sofia district4719
67858356town of Primorsko, Primorsko municipality, Burgas district3340
67962671town of Rila, Rila municipality, Kyustendil district2886
68062997town of Roman, Roman municipality, Vratsa district3157
68163207town of Rudozem, Rudozem municipality, Smolyan district3583
68265139town of Sadovo, Sadovo municipality, Plovdiv district2507
68365365town of Sapareva banya, Sapareva banya municipality, Kyustendil district4112
68470648town of Sarnitsa, Velingrad municipality, Pazardzhik district3607
68566229town of Senovo, Vetovo municipality, Ruse district1580
68683017town of Shabla, Shabla municipality, Dobrich district3586
68783199town of Shipka, Kazanlak municipality, Stara Zagora district1485
68815944town of Shivachevo, Tvarditsa municipality, Sliven district3868
68967088town of Slavyanovo, Pleven municipality, Pleven district4422
69067444town of Slivo pole, Slivo pole municipality, Ruse district3169
69167708town of Smyadovo, Smyadovo municipality, Shumen district4036
69269835town of Strelcha, Strelcha municipality, Pazardzhik district4273
69370295town of Suhindol, Suhindol municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2146
69470247town of Sungurlare, Sungurlare municipality, Burgas district3416
69570175town of Suvorovo, Suvorovo municipality, Varna district4723
69611538town of Sveti Vlas, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district3634
69773273town of Tran, Tran municipality, Pernik district2469
69873359town of Trastenik, Dolna Mitropolia municipality, Pleven district4519
69977308town of Tsar Kaloyan, Tsar Kaloyan municipality, Razgrad district3856
70075054town of Ugarchin, Ugarchin municipality, Lovech district2832
70112543town of Valchedram, Valchedram municipality, Montana district3817
70212574town of Valchi dol, Valchi dol municipality, Varna district3460
70312766town of Varbitsa, Varbitsa municipality, Shumen district3585
70410803town of Vetovo, Vetovo municipality, Ruse district4777
70510820town of Vetren, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district3473
70687014town of Yablanitsa, Yablanitsa municipality, Lovech district2896
70730065town of Zavet, Zavet municipality, Razgrad district3371
70830778town of Zemen, Zemen municipality, Pernik district1864
70930962town of Zlataritsa, Zlataritsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district2558

Created on 16.05.2022

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