Statistical Review of Sofia District 2004

Statistical Review of Sofia District 2004
The National Statistical Institute and The Sofia Regional Statistical Office present to the attention of users the new edition: Statistical Review of Sofia District - 2004
The publication contains statistical data on the demographic, economic, and social development of the district. The majority of the data is representative for the 1999 - 2003 period.
The information used in the publication is taken from official surveys of the National Statistical Institute and other agencies and institutions.
The publication is divided thematically in sections. Readers should use the methodological notes in the beginning of the book to correctly interpret the different indicators and data.
The provided statistical information represents general data for Sofia District including municipalities, according to the Law on the Administrative and Territorial Division of Republic Bulgaria adopted in 5th January 1999.
The information in the publication characterizes the district's economy on regional level representing data on the gross domestic product, investments, labour market, as well as general economic data. Furthermore, it provides data on some economic activities such as industry, agriculture, transport and communications, trade, etc.
Information on the climate and environment, territory, population, education, healthcare, culture and tourism can be found in separate sections.
The Statistical publication is addressed to institutions and agencies involved in development and implementation of the economic and social policy of the country, non-governmental organizations, college and university students, and the general public.
Price (including mailing costs): 15 EUR (fifteen).
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