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Statistical presentation
Data description

As an integrated part of the annual National Accounts Supply and Use Tables(SUT) are a final and balanced presentation of the economical categories in the composition of GDP, structured in details by groups of products and services, economic activities and categories of the final consumption. They are elaborated and improved in compliance with internationaly adopted methodological principles and standarts of the European System of National and Regional Accounts(ESA'95, before 2010 and ESA'2010 from 2010 onwards - Eurostat edition) and of the System of National Accounts,(SNA'93, before 2010 and SNA'2008 from 2010 onwards) - a colaboration of the UN, OECD, Eurostat, IMF and the World Bank. SUT are based on the concepts and definitions for treating the transactions, the economic individuals and the classificatory principles of statistical units' grouping as they are applied in elsewhere in the System.

Supply is presented in basic price, including transformation to market price.

Use is presented in market price.

Classification system

· Classification of Economic Activities;

· Classification of Products by Economic Activities;

· Nomenclature of Industrial Production (PRODCOM);

· Nomenclature of agriculture, forestry and fishing products (PRODAGRO);

· Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (COICOP);

· Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG);

· Classification of the Purposes of Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households (COPNI).

Sector coverage

Total Economy

Statistical concepts and definitions

Supply and Use tables are matrices by industries and products describing production processes and the transactions in products of the national economy in detail. These tables show:

     a) the structure of the costs of production and the value added that is generated in the production process;

        b) the flows of goods and services produced within the national economy;

        c) the flows of goods and services with the rest of the world.

The ESA 1995(Regulation 2223/96 of the European Council) for the SUT before 2010 and ESA 2010(Regulation(EU) 549/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council) for the tables from 2010 onwards may be referred to for specific explanations concerning contents of the tables.

Statistical unit

Not available.

Statistical population

Not available.

Reference area


Time coverage

2000 - 2005 (NACE Rev.1) ESA95

2010 - 2012 (NACE Rev.2) ESA95

2010 - 2014 (NACE Rev.2) ESA2010

Base period

Not applicable.

Unit of measure

The data are presented in current prices and in thousands of national currency (BGN) for the years before 2010.

The data are presented in current prices and in million of national currency(BGN) from 2010 onwards.

Reference period


Institutional mandate
Legal acts and other agreements

National Accounts are compiled in accordance with the European System of National and Regional Accounts:

  ESA 1995 adopted in the form of a Council Regulation dated 25 June 1996, N° 2223/96 and originally published in the Official Journal L310 of  the 30/11/1996 for the tables before 2010.

  ESA 2010 adopted in the form of Regulation(EU) № 549/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council - for the years from 2010 onwards.




Data sharing

Eurostat's program for data dissemination.

Confidentiality - policy

· Law on Statistics;

· Regulation (EC) No 223/2009 on European statistics (recital 24 and Article 20(4)) of 11 March 2009 (OJ L 87, p. 164), stipulates the need to establish common principles and guidelines ensuring the confidentiality of data used for the production of European statistics and the access to those confidential data with due account for technical developments and the requirements of users in a democratic society.

Confidentiality - data treatment

Individual data are not published in accordance with article 25 of the Law on Statistics. The publishing of individual data can be performed only in accordance with article 26 of the same law.

Release policy
Release calendar

The data is pointed in the Release Calendar presenting the results of the statistical surveys carried out by the National Statistical Institute.

T+36 Months

Release calendar access

The calendar is available on the NSI website:

User access

Data is published on the NSI website, section Macroeconomic statistics - Supply Use Tables  in accordance with the Law on Statistics and the European Statistics Code of Practice respecting the professional independence and aimed at objectivity, transparency and equal treatment of all consumers.

Frequency of dissemination


Accessibility and clarity
News release
On-line database

SUT are available to all users of the NSI website under the heading Macroeconomic statistics - Supply Use Tables:

Micro-data access
Documentation on methodology

European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 1995) for the years before 2010 and (ESA2010) from 2010 onwards.

Quality documentation
Quality management
Quality assurance

· European Statistics Code of Practice;

· Common framework of quality assurance in National statistical system.

Quality assessment
User needs
User satisfaction
Accuracy and reliability
Overall accuracy


Sampling error


Non-sampling error


Timeliness and punctuality
Coherence and comparability
Comparability - geographical
Comparability - over time
Coherence - cross domain
Coherence - internal
Cost and burden
Data revision
Data revision - policy
Data revision - practice
Statistical processing
Source data
  • Annual statistical reports on revenues and expenditure, including statistical annexes;
  • PRODPROM survey - production and sales of industrial goods, covered units with production of industrial goods;
  • Receipts of construction enterprises by type of construction activity;
  • Receipts from sales of the wholesale and retail traders by commodity groups;
  • National energy balance;
  • Material balances prepared annually for main products for intermediate use in main production activities;
  • Economic accounts for agriculture and balances of agricultural production (in quantity and value)
  • Annual statistical report for employment and labour cost;
  • Sample statistical surveys for description of economic behaviour concerning particular units within the institutional frame of the economic system:

         - Household budget survey;

         - Business statistics surveys and business tendency surveys;

         - Surveys of private agricultural farms.

  • Annual account statements:

         - Annual report of non-financial enterprises;

         - Annual report of non-profit institutions;

         - Annual report for bank institutions;

         - Annual report of insurance companies and pension funds;

         - Annual report of other financial intermediaries.

  •  Administrative data and balance works:

        - Incorporated statement of government budget execution;

        - Customs information;

        - Tax information;

        - Balance of payments.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection
Data validation
Data compilation
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