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Type of goods or services bought by the individuals over the internet

(Per cent)
Goods or services 2023
Clothes (including sport clothing), shoes or accessories (e.g. bags, jewellery) 78.1
Sports goods (excluding sport clothing) 25.3
Children toys or childcare items (e.g. nappies, bottles, baby strollers) 7.8
Furniture, home accessories (e.g. carpets or curtains) or gardening products (e.g. tools, plants) 11.2
Music as CDs, vinyls etc. 2.1
Films or series as DVDs, Blu-ray etc. 1.9
Printed books, magazines or newspapers 13.8
Computers, tablets, mobile phones or accessories 16.5
Consumer electronics (e.g. TV-sets, stereos, cameras) or household appliances (e.g. washing machines) 13.8
Medicine or dietary supplements such as vitamins 17.1
Deliveries from restaurants, fast-food chains, catering services 26.9
Food or beverages from stores 7.2
Cosmetics, beauty or wellness products 30.4
Cleaning products or personal hygiene products (e.g. toothbrushes, handkerchiefs, washing detergents, cleaning cloths) 5.3
Bicycles, mopeds, cars, or other vehicles or their spare parts 4.2
Other goods 12.6
Music as a streaming service or downloads 5.8
Films or series as a streaming service or downloads 7.5
Е-books, online magazines or online newspapers 7.5
Games online or as downloads for smartphones, tablets, computers or consoles 5.7
Computer or other software as downloads including upgrades 3.6
Apps related to health or fitness 4.5
Other apps (e.g. related to learning languages, travelling, weather) 4.9
Tickets to sports events 11.6
Tickets to cultural or other events (cinema, concerts, fairs, etc.) 22.6
Subscriptions to the internet or mobile phone connections 12.3
Subscriptions to electricity, water or heating supply, waste disposal or similar services 5.1
Household services (e.g. cleaning, babysitting, repair work, gardening) (also when bought from private persons via e.g. Facebook Marketplace) 1.4
Transport services (e.g. local bus, train, flight ticket, taxi ride) (from transport enterprise or private person) 24.6
Accommodation (from hotels,travel agencies, tour operators or private person) 35.9

Note: The relative share is calculated on the basis of individuals who bought goods or services over the internet in the last 3 months before the interview.