Environmental goods and services

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National Statistical Institute

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‘Environmental and Energy Accounts‘ Department

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Marieta Petrova

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Chief expert

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2 P.Volov street, 1038 Sofia

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Statistical presentation
Data description

Environmental goods and services sector covers all economic operators producing goods and services for environmental protection or management of natural resources. Environmental protection activities include prevention, reduction and elimination of pollution in the nature. Natural resource management activities aim to protect natural resources from depletion. The environmental goods and services sector provides data on production, value added, exports and employed according to the Accounting System (SEEA SF 2012).

Classification system

• Classification of environmental protection activities (CEPA) • Classification of Resource Management Activities (CReMA) • Classification of economic activities (NACE Rev. 2)

Sector coverage

In the coverage are included economic operators from all economic sectors producing environmental goods and services according to Regulation (EC) No 2015/2174 that contains an indicative list of environmental protection goods and services.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Bulgaria reports data to Eurostat on the environmental goods and services sector for: • production which is measured at basic prices • value added representing the difference between the value of output and intermediate consumption • export of goods and services from residents to non-residents • employment in full time equivalent.

Statistical unit

Business entities that produce ecological goods and services (enterprises, municipalities, state institutions, etc.).

Statistical population

All economic entities that produced environmental goods and services during the reporting year.

Reference area

Total for the country.

Time coverage

2014 – 2017

Base period

Not applicable.

Unit of measure

Millions of BGN for output, value added and export and number for employees.

Reference period


Institutional mandate
Legal acts and other agreements

Data collection for environmental goods and services is a part of Regulation (EC) No 691/2011 of the European Parliament on European environmental economic accounts (EEEA).

Data sharing

Annual Data Questionnaire on Ecological Goods and Services sector of Eurostat.

Confidentiality - policy

Law on Statistics

Confidentiality - data treatment

Individual data are not published in accordance with article 25 of the Law on Statistics. The publishing of individual data can be performed only in accordance with article 26 of the same law.

Release policy
Release calendar
Release calendar access

The calendar is available on the NSI website: http://www.nsi.bg/en/node/480

User access
Frequency of dissemination


Accessibility and clarity
News release




On-line database

Data for environmental goods and services are available to the NSI website under the heading ‘Environment’.

Micro-data access

Not applicable.

Documentation on methodology

The methodology is in line with the requirements of the European Institutions and Eurostat and is based on the Environmental goods and services sector accounts - Handbook 2016 edition.

Quality documentation

According to Regulation (EU) No 691/2011, a quality report is sent annually to Eurostat together with the questionnaire on environmental goods and services.

Quality management
Quality assurance
Quality assessment
User needs

The users of statistical information from the survey are state and municipal structures, associations, companies and citizens.

User satisfaction

No information. Survey about satisfaction of customers has not been conducted.

Accuracy and reliability
Overall accuracy
Sampling error
Non-sampling error
Timeliness and punctuality

According to the Calendar for dissemination of the results of the NSI statistical surveys.

Coherence and comparability
Comparability - geographical

Geographical comparability is provided by the general conceptual framework and indicative list of environmental protection goods and services defining the perimeter of the study.

Comparability - over time
Coherence - cross domain
Coherence - internal

Not applicable.

Cost and burden
Data revision
Data revision - policy

Revision of the data is applied if necessary.

Data revision - practice
Statistical processing
Source data

Ecological goods and services are accounted through comprehensive survey, involving companies, organizations, ministries, municipal administrations and others.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

The data source is a statistical questionnaire on environmental goods and services, which is collect with on-line electronic format or in paper form.

Data validation

Comparison of the data with the reported in the previous year - for units of measure, incorrectly stated codes of the respective product or service and others.

Data compilation

Dataset containing all resident units.


Not applicable.

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Metadata Structure Definition in SDMX 2.0: ESMS_MSD+BNSI+2.0+SDMX.2.0.xml
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