Annual data by economic activity

enterprise employed employees
Number of active family businesses in year t Share of number of active family businesses in year t Number of persons employed in the family of active family enterprises in year t Share of the number of persons employed in the total active family enterprises in year t Number of employees in the active family enterprises in year t Share of the number of employees in the total active family enterprises in year t
2019 % 2019 % 2019 %
Total - All economic sectors 103 759 100.00 406 598 100.00 320 112 100.00
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 5 366 5.17 18 481 4.55 13 676 4.27
Mining and quarrying 39 0.04 291 0.07 260 0.08
Manufacturing 8 515 8.21 103 994 25.58 97 428 30.44
Production and distribution of electricity, heat and gaseous fuels 240 0.23 390 0.10 214 0.07
Water supply; sewerage services, waste management and remediation 105 0.10 1 021 0.25 944 0.29
Construction 4 224 4.07 29 782 7.32 26 765 8.36
Trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 39 715 38.28 121 886 29.98 87 310 27.27
Transport, storage and mailing 5 633 5.43 25 501 6.27 21 111 6.59
Accommodation and Catering 7 082 6.83 29 871 7.35 23 878 7.46
Creating and disseminating information and creative products; telecommunications 2 746 2.65 7 634 1.88 5 473 1.71
Financial and insurance activities 869 0.84 1 998 0.49 1 324 0.41
Real Estate 4 363 4.20 6 072 1.49 2 895 0.90
Professional activities and research 10 384 10.01 20 134 4.95 11 542 3.61
Administrative and support activities 2 362 2.28 12 938 3.18 11 175 3.49
Education 1 052 1.01 2 905 0.71 2 147 0.67
Human health and social work 3 514 3.39 10 403 2.56 7 180 2.24
Culture, sports and entertainment 1 402 1.35 3 213 0.79 2 133 0.67
Other activities 6 148 5.93 10 084 2.48 4 657 1.45

1 Classification of economic activities (KID 2008)

Euro-SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS)

Family business statistics
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National Statistical Institute

Contact organisation unit

Business Registers

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Dimitar Dimitrov

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Senior expert

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 1038, 2 P.Volov Str.

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[email protected]

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+359 2 9857 683

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Metadata update
Metadata last certified17 July 2019
Metadata last posted17 June 2019
Metadata last update17 June 2019
Statistical presentation
Data description

Family business data is collected from businesses and organizations operating on the territory of the country. The main source of information is annual reporting on business activity.

Classification system

· Classification of Economic Activities (NACE-2008);

· Classification of Territorial Units for Statistical purposes in Bulgaria (NUTS).

Sector coverage

The survey covers enterprises that have completed a family business section in the form of private ownership and classified under NACE 2008 in the following sectors:

· A Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries;

· B Mining and quarrying;

· C Manufacturing;

· D Production and distribution of electricity, heat and gaseous fuels;

· E Water supply; sewerage services, waste management and remediation;

· F Construction;

· G Trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles;

· H Transport, storage and mailing;

· I Accommodation and Catering;

· J Creating and disseminating information and creative products; telecommunications;

· K Financial and insurance activities;

· L Real Estate;

· M Professional activities and research;

· N Administrative and support activities;

· P Education;

· Q Human health and social work;

· R Culture, sports and entertainment;

· Other activities

Statistical concepts and definitions

Family business - number of family enterprises in employment, economic sectors and territorial distribution.

Number of family businesses is the number of enterprises reported for the last accounting year that declared their business to be family.

Employment in family businesses is the staff represented by the terms employees and employed:

   - Employees are persons who have an employment relationship with the employer under the Labor Code and an official relationship under the Civil Servant's Act, under which they receive remuneration in cash or in kind in the form of salary for a certain amount and quality work, whether the hiring contract is permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time.

    - Employed - includes employed and self-employed persons engaged in a given production activity within the production boundaries of the system.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

Object of observation are all enterprises that have completed the "Yes" in the "Family Business" section of the Enterprise Report with a form of private ownership and classified in the A to S (without O) sectors.

Reference area

For the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Time coverage

Since 2015

Base period

Not applicable.

Unit of measure

For staff - number (not calculated in full-time equivalent).

Reference period


Institutional mandate
Legal acts and other agreements

Not applicable.

Data sharing

Not applicable.

Confidentiality - policy

Statistical Act

Confidentiality - data treatment

According to the Statistics Act and the European legislation, the individual (primary) data of enterprises are confidential. In order to ensure their protection and the impossibility of being identified, aggregated indicators are also considered to be confidential when an indicator is received by one or two enterprises or when an enterprise accounts for more than 85% of the value of the indicator.

Release policy
Release calendar

The dissemination period for the statistical information is indicated in the Calendar for dissemination of NSI statistical survey results.

Release calendar access

The calendar is available on the NSI website.

User access

The data are available online through NSI INFOSTAT Information System for all users of statistical information.

Frequency of dissemination


Accessibility and clarity
News release

Not applicable.


Not applicable.

On-line database

The data are available online for all users through the NSI INFOSTAT information system under the heading "Structural business statistics - family business"

Micro-data access

Not applicable.


Not applicable.

Documentation on methodology

Methodology of statistical survey Family business.

Quality documentation

Not applicable.

Quality management
Quality assurance

Not applicable.

Quality assessment

Not applicable.

User needs

The main users of information are non-governmental and other organizations in the country.

User satisfaction

No consumer satisfaction survey has been conducted.


It is provided on the basis of respondents' answers in the Family Business section of the Enterprise Report.

Accuracy and reliability
Overall accuracy

Not applicable.

Sampling error

Not applicable.

Non-sampling error

Not applicable.

Timeliness and punctuality

11 months after the end of the reporting period.


The deadlines for providing the Family Business data provided in the Calendar for the dissemination of NSI statistical survey results are respected.

Coherence and comparability
Comparability - geographical

Not applicable.

Comparability - over time

Not applicable.

Coherence - cross domain

Not applicable.

Coherence - internal

Not applicable.

Cost and burden

Not applicable.

Data revision
Data revision - policy

Not applicable.

Data revision - practice

Not applicable.

Statistical processing
Source data

Enterprise report of the annual activity report of the enterprises.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Exhaustively annually to all businesses and organizations that have completed the Family Business section in the Enterprise Report.

Data validation

Not applicable.

Data compilation

The survey is exhaustive(complete) and no estimates are made.


Not applicable.

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