Bulgaria at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress

Bulgarian students won second place in the International Statistical Poster Contest

The 62nd World Statistics Congress was held from 18 to 23 August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 2500 statisticians from all over the world participated, and Bulgaria was represented as an institutional member by the President of the NSI Sergei Tsvetarsky. The event is organized by the International Statistical Institute every two years in different countries. During the meeting, issues from all areas of statistics are raised and discussed - demography, population census, business statistics, macroeconomic statistics, social statistics - income, education, healthcare, science, quality of life and other. The program is full of many accompanying events - conferences on current trends in statistical surveys, scientific data, information visualization, various seminars and working groups: http://www.isi2019.org/.

The Congress also provides an opportunity for bilateral meetings with NSI partners in various projects and initiatives. These were implemented with representatives of: Georgia and Armenia in connection with training of young statistics in Bulgaria from the Eastern Partnership countries; Serbia - for young statisticians in the Western Balkans; Palestine - to sign a bilateral agreement and others.

Traditionally, the congress commences with an official award ceremony for the winners of various competitions organized by the International Statistical Institute.

Bulgaria was honoured for its participation in the International Statistical Poster Competition for pupils and students, in which this year participated about 15 000 students in three age groups from 37 countries, including South Korea (5 013 participants), Japan (3 223 participants), The United States (1 051 participants), and more. In the category of the youngest - pupils born in or after 2003, Bulgaria’s representatives were ranked second. With a poster on the topic ‘How do I eat?’ students from 56th Secondary school ‘Prof Konstantin Irechek’, City of Sofia, with mentor Lambina Petrova show us in an interesting and convincing way how the eating habits of adolescents affect their health by supporting their findings with the results of a study performed by their classmates.

In Bulgaria, the competition was first promoted at the end of the last year by the NSI. In the three age groups for students there were 238 students, divided into 68 teams from 26 towns and 41 educational institutions.

Full information about the International Statistical Poster Contest: