Population grid, 1 sq.km, Census 2011

“Population Grid 2011”
The Bulgarian population grid 2011 was produced by National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria (BNSI) as part of the ESSnet project: ”Geostat 1B – representing Census data in European population grid” according the signed Grant Agreement 50502.2009.004-2011.536 between BNSI and European Commission.
Geostat 1B is the second phase of the project GEOSTAT of European Statistical System and European Forum for Geography and Statistics. The project aims at representing various population characteristics of the 2011 population Census in 1 km² harmonized grid datasets and developing guidelines and methods to link census 2011 population statistics to a common European harmonized grid.
Population grid 2011
Resolution: 1 км2
Coordinate system: ETRS89_LAEA
Data format: CSV, Esri Shapefile (*.shp)
Statistical information: Population – total, sex and age groups (0-14, 15-64, 65+)
Population distributed in the grid: 7 364 570
Reference date of the statistical information:  1st of February 2011
Method for population distribution: Aggregation (57.3% from total population); Disaggregation (42.7% from total population)
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Population Grid 2011 (Census) - 1km2
Demographic and Social Statistics Directorate
Geostatistics Department
Arslan Ahmedov; Irena Dudova
Chief expert; Seniour expert
2, P.Volov Str. 1038 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 9857 751, +359 2 9857 206
Metadata last update: 30th June 2014
1Data descriptionCensus 2011 Population distribution - total, sex and age groups on 1km2 grid
• Coordinate system: ETRS89_LAEA (Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area)
• Dataset is produced accordind INSPIRE requirements
• Format - CSV, * Esri Shape
2Classification usedClassification of Territorial Units for Statistical Purposes in Bulgaria (NUTS).
Unified Classification of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units (UCATTU)
3CoveragePopulation at its usual residence at the reference date of 1st of February 2011
4Unit of measureNumber
5Reference periodYear
6Time coverage2011
7Legal acts and rules (National and European)• Law on Statistics
• Law on Population and Housing Census 2011
• Regulation (EC) No 763/2008 - (CENSUSES)
• Regulation (EC) No 1205/2008 - (INSPIRE)                           
8Release policy30th June 2014
9Dissemination format• Website www.nsi.bg
10Methodological documents 
11Source data• Statistical Information - National statistical institute (Census 2011)
• Spatial Information - Ministry of agriculture and foods, Geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency, European Commision
12Frequency of data collection method10 years
13Data collection methodPopulation and Housing Census 2011