Calendar presenting the results of the statistical surveys carried out by the National Statistical Institute in April, 2019

Date Theme Reference period Press releases
02.04.2019 Fiscal data by subsectors 'Central Government' and 'Social Security Funds' subsectors February 2019
03.04.2019 Homes for medico-social care for children 2018
05.04.2019 Key indicators for Bulgaria Lastest data as of April 5, 2019
09.04.2019 Sales in industry, construction and trade February 2019
10.04.2019 Accommodation establishments February 2019
12.04.2019 Trade in goods with third countries - Extrastat - preliminary data February 2019
12.04.2019 Trade in goods with the EU Member States - Intrastat, and foreign trade turnover of Bulgaria - preliminary data January 2019
12.04.2019 Population and demographic processes - final data 2018
12.04.2019 Investment activity in industry March 2019
15.04.2019 Consumer price indices March 2019
16.04.2019 Household income, expenditure and consumption 2018
19.04.2019 Anti-social acts and crimes of minors and juveniles 2018
22.04.2019 Non-financial indicators for General Government sector - preliminary data 2018
23.04.2019 Non-financial national accounts for institutional sectors 'General Government' and 'Rest of the World' Fourth quarter of 2018
23.04.2019 Notification tables for debt and deficit for General Government sector - preliminary data 2018
23.04.2019 Main macroeconomic indicators for General Government sector Fourth quarter of 2018
25.04.2019 Education in Bulgaria School (academic) year 2018/2019
30.04.2019 Trips of Bulgarian residents abroad and arrivals of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria March 2019
30.04.2019 Combined heat and power units (CHP units) 2017
30.04.2019 Business survey in industry, construction, retail trade and service sector April 2019
30.04.2019 Production and deliveries of energy products February 2019
30.04.2019 Industrial producer prices on domestic and non-domestic market March 2019
30.04.2019 Staistics of income and living conditions - Poverty and Social Inclusion Indicators 2018