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International Cooperation Department

Daniela Simeonova
Head of International Cooperation Department
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 779

The “International Cooperation” Department (IC) shall perform the following activities:

1. organise and coordinate the cooperation activities with the Statistical office of the European Union (EU) - Eurostat;

2. organise and coordinate the international activities and carry out operational contact with the EU institutions, as well as with partner institutions and international organisations;

3. establish and maintain the communication on bilateral and regional cooperation;

4. organize and carry out international protocol activity of the NSI;

5. organize and coordinate the implementation of international agreements and treaties on which the NSI shall be a part;

6. organize the work of Working Group 12 “Statistics” to the Council for European Affairs (CEA) as shall coordinate the preparation of framework positions, written opinions and instructions on the European legislation in the field of statistics with the relevant institutions at the national level, and provide them to the corresponding EU institutions;

7. maintain the exchange of information by the EUnet and InfraSolve Information Systems;

8. plan, coordinate and supervise activities related to participation of NSI representatives in committees, working group meetings, task forces, workshops, conferences and training courses within the framework of the European Statistical System (ESS);

9. maintain a register of the various commissions, councils, committees, groups (working groups, task forces etc.) at national and European level in which the NSI shall participate, as well as experts of the NSI included in their composition.

organise and coordinate in-country workshops, international meetings and other forums with international participation;

10. coordinate and administer the process of implementation of projects under contracts and grant agreements with the bodies of European Commission and other international institutions and organizations;

11. maintain electronic register for participation of the NSI in various projects and prepare detailed references on the commitments undertaken by the NSI;

12. develop communication strategy and perform the NSI’s communication policy;

13. plan and carry out information campaigns for presentation of specific measures and actions on the development of statistical activities;

14. implement monitoring and analyze the publications in mass media and public opinion on the activity of the NSI.