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Regional Statistics and Monitoring Indicators Department

Arslan Ahmedov
Head of Regional Statistics and Monitoring Indicators Department
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 751

The “Regional Statistics and Monitoring Indicators” Department (RSMI) shall perform the following activities:

1. provide information to systems of indicators on global, European and national initiatives and programmes (time series and dissemination);

2. integrate data from exhaustive and sample surveys and administrative sources;

3. provide geospatial basis for an integrated information;

4. create, maintain and improve databases necessary for national plans, programmes and strategies, as well as for ensuring their links with international documents;

5. be liable for operational planning and reporting and coordinate the collection of regional data from the departments of the NSI and RSOs for different levels of administrative and territorial structure of the country;

6. develop a methodology for building and maintaining the territorial organization of the data by means of Geographic Information System;

7. prepare and disseminate information by linking statistical and geospatial data;

8. develop, produce and prepare for dissemination statistical information related to crisis events;

9. carry out international exchange of statistical information with Eurostat and statistical departments of international organizations concerning regional statistics and geostatistics;

10. develop new and improve the existing methods for systems of key statistical indicators and monitor the implementation of European, national and regional strategies;

11. provide a set of basic economic indicators and sustainable development indicators in order to measure progress of the country in the implementation of the Strategy for Sustainable Development of the EU, strategy "Europe 2020" and other European strategies by coordinating the data collection from statistical surveys and from administrative sources in implementation of harmonized methodologies;

12. cooperate with other structural units of the NSI, including through data exchange in order to provide the necessary information for the formation of sets of indicators for European, national and regional policies;

13. prepare and organize working meetings, participate in task forces of Eurostat and EC, in projects with international authorities and organizations in order to provide data on key indicators for developing and monitoring the implementation of European, national and regional strategies and regional statistics.