Census Hub – cross-border service

Along with the national eCensus, a cross-border eGovernment service - the Eurostat Census Hub Project was successfully implemented.

The Census Hub project is a modern and innovative technical solution for the transmission and dissemination of 2011 Census data of European countries via the Eurostat website in accordance with the European Commission Regulation (EC) No 1201/2009 of 30 Nov. 2009; The main objective of the Census Hub is to provide the user with an easy access to detailed census data that are consistant, methodologically comparable between the Member States and structured in the same way.

The European Census Hub is a conceptually new system to achieve the dissemination of the 2011 Census data via the Eurostat website. It is based on the concept of data sharing, where a group of partners agree on providing access to their data according to standard processes, formats and technology.

eCensus 2011 in Bulgaria
Sample surveys included into the 2011 Census Programme
2001 census results