Innovation Solution

The eCensus web application was developed to handle the huge loads expected during the period of electronic enumeration.

Its architecture consisted of the following main layers:

  • Load balancing layer – A hardware load balancer that distributed the requests to the web servers.
  • Presentation layer – A web farm consisting of six Windows Server 2008 R2 EE application servers each running ASP.NET MVC 2.0 web applications hosted on Internet Information Services 7.5.
  • Database layer - A dedicated SQL Server 2008 R2 EE.

The eCensus system proved to be very scalable and reliable: during the peak load of the system 72,000 concurrent users working and entering data into it, the SQL Server Database handled successfully more than 2,700 batch requests per second.

It was the national scale innovativeness (technological) with a huge load without any interruption of services or bad response time.

eCensus 2011 in Bulgaria
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