The main advantages of eCensus:

  • Increased convenience, accessibility and usability of use (24-hour availability and possibility for the users to terminate/continue their work at any time; well-designed interfaces that increase legibility and accessibility, increase usability by providing additional guidance and contextual help);
  • High data quality (data entering was facilitated with built in rules for edits/logic, automatic error-checking);
  • Possibility for one user to count more than one dwelling and persons living there (e.g. his/her parents);
  • Strong security (the same level of security as bank transactions);
  • Green Census (saving paper and protecting the environment);
  • Reduced costs for data collection (for enumerators, processing costs, and follow-up costs);
  • Create innovative image of the National Statistical Institute as a Government Agency by implementing eGovernment services in action.

The main advantage of the implemented eGovernment service is the maximum user facilitation in accordance with the priorities of the European eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015.

eCensus 2011 in Bulgaria
Sample surveys included into the 2011 Census Programme
2001 census results