The eCensus 2011 is:

  • the first stage of the 17th Population and Housing Census in Bulgaria;
  • Government-to-Citizen (G2C) service;
  • a step along the path towards eGovernment;
  • the most successful eGovernment project;

Under EU census regulation, all EU Member States are obliged to conduct a Population and Housing Censuses in the year 2011.

Bulgaria was the first European Union Member State conducted a population count in 2011.

In the period 1-28 February 2011, the 17th census in the demographic history of the Republic of Bulgaria was successfully carried out.

The responsible institution for conducting the Population and Housing Census is National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria (BNSI). The BNSI is a government agency directly subordinated to the Council of Ministers, whose main activities are collecting, analyzing and disseminating accurate statistical information about the social and economic status and development of the country.

During the Census, the partners of National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria are Central Census Commission, Regional Census Commissions, Municipal Census Commissions, Consortium ACN Consulting.

For the first time the Census was done by eGovernent service electronic enumeration via Internet (eCensus web-based application), for the period February 1st 9th., and from February 10th until the 28th  - through face-to-face interview with enumerators.

eCensus 2011 in Bulgaria
Sample surveys included into the 2011 Census Programme
2001 census results