Meeting of Presidents of Statistical Institutes of Bulgaria and Romania in Connection with the Population Census 2011

Meeting of Presidents of Statistical Institutes of Bulgaria and Romania in Connection with the Population Census 201114 Април 2011

Delegation from the National Institute of Statistics of Romania led by prof. Vergil Voineagu - President of the Romanian statistics, visited Bulgaria. The delegation of the Romanian side included Adviser to the President, Mr. Ilie Dumitrescu, IT general director Mr. Gheorghe Vaida - Muntean and Director of Population Census and demographic statistics Mr. Stefan Trica.

The visit of the Romanian delegation was in the spirit of traditional bilateral cooperation between the two institutions and of continuity of annual meetings to exchange experiences and best practices. The topic of this year's meeting was "Population and Housing Census 2011". There was a presentation of Bulgarian experience of the census successfully conducted in February in Bulgaria.

Guests met with the leadership of NSI, regional and local authorities, and directors of territorial statistical offices in the towns of Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo, discussing opportunities for future joint projects between the two statistics for information security strategy of the Danube Statistics and the Environmental Statistics. Discussions included opportunities for new forms of cooperation for the realization of joint projects with European funding.

President of the Bulgarian Statistical Institute Assoc. Prof. Mariana Kotzeva shared impressions from the presented express data Census 2011 and outlined three major issues such as trends, which proved common to both sides - negative natural population growth, internal and external migration.

Prof. Voineagu expressed his high appreciation addressed to Bulgarian colleagues who succeeded to keep the tight timetable for announcing the express results of the extraordinary success of e-Census, and of the media campaign through which the census has become a national priority, supported by all state institutions, local authorities and citizens of the country.

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