Territorial or administrative-territorial units by chosen criteria
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Count of units: 95
Code Name of the unitPopulation
(as of 31.12.2009)
100895Aydemir village, Silistra municipality, Silistra district6655
235239Kazichene village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)5010
344063Lozen village, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)6128
400182town of Aksakovo, Aksakovo municipality, Varna district7897
502508town of Balchik, Balchik municipality, Dobrich district12196
602659town of Bankya, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)9893
702676town of Bansko, Bansko municipality, Blagoevgrad district8632
803366town of Belene, Belene municipality, Pleven district8905
903616town of Belogradchik, Belogradchik municipality, Vidin district5334
1003719town of Beloslav, Beloslav municipality, Varna district7937
1103928town of Berkovitsa, Berkovitsa municipality, Montana district13917
1204501town of Bobov dol, Bobov dol municipality, Kyustendil district5979
1305027town of Bozhurishte, Bozhurishte municipality, Sofia district5314
1407702town of Byala Slatina, Byala Slatina municipality, Vratsa district12433
1507603town of Byala, Byala municipality, Ruse district9015
1680371town of Chepelare, Chepelare municipality, Smolyan district5412
1780501town of Cherven bryag, Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven district13856
1881414town of Chirpan, Chirpan municipality, Stara Zagora district16355
1920465town of Devin, Devin municipality, Smolyan district7054
2020482town of Devnya, Devnya municipality, Varna district8383
2121912town of Dolni chiflik, Dolni chiflik municipality, Varna district6706
2223947town of Dryanovo, Dryanovo municipality, Gabrovo district8043
2324030town of Dulovo, Dulovo municipality, Silistra district6621
2427190town of Elena, Elena municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district5665
2527382town of Elhovo, Elhovo municipality, Yambol district10553
2627303town of Elin Pelin, Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia district6723
2727632town of Etropole, Etropole municipality, Sofia district10828
2818280town of Galabovo, Galabovo municipality, Stara Zagora district8404
2914711town of General Toshevo, General Toshevo municipality, Dobrich district7130
3017395town of Gotse Delchev, Gotse Delchev municipality, Blagoevgrad district19918
3177181town of Harmanli, Harmanli municipality, Haskovo district18557
3277270town of Hisar, Hisarya municipality, Plovdiv district7410
3332901town of Ihtiman, Ihtiman municipality, Sofia district13360
3432874town of Isperih, Isperih municipality, Razgrad district9017
3536525town of Karnobat, Karnobat municipality, Burgas district18480
3635064town of Kavarna, Kavarna municipality, Dobrich district11397
3737376town of Knezha, Knezha municipality, Pleven district11191
3838902town of Kostenets, Kostenets municipality, Sofia district7169
3938978town of Kostinbrod, Kostinbrod municipality, Sofia district11924
4039030town of Kotel, Kotel municipality, Sliven district6232
4137798town of Kozloduy, Kozloduy municipality, Vratsa district13934
4239921town of Krichim, Krichim municipality, Plovdiv district8590
4340422town of Kubrat, Kubrat municipality, Razgrad district8118
4440467town of Kuklen, Kuklen municipality, Plovdiv district5896
4543236town of Levski, Levski municipality, Pleven district10571
4644327town of Lukovit, Lukovit municipality, Lovech district9630
4744793town of Lyaskovets, Lyaskovets municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district8277
4844570town of Lyubimets, Lyubimets municipality, Haskovo district7670
4946045town of Madan, Madan municipality, Smolyan district6007
5047714town of Mezdra, Mezdra municipality, Vratsa district10896
5148996town of Momchilgrad, Momchilgrad municipality, Kardzhali district7631
5251500town of Nesebar, Nesebar municipality, Burgas district11626
5300357town of Novi Iskar, Stolichna municipality, Sofia district (capital)13953
5452009town of Novi pazar, Novi pazar municipality, Shumen district12673
5553535town of Omurtag, Omurtag municipality, Targovishte district8725
5654020town of Oryahovo, Oryahovo municipality, Vratsa district5400
5755302town of Panagyurishte, Panagyurishte municipality, Pazardzhik district17959
5859080town of Parvomay, Parvomay municipality, Plovdiv district13984
5955052town of Pavlikeni, Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district11151
6055909town of Perushtitsa, Perushtitsa municipality, Plovdiv district5194
6156277town of Peshtera, Peshtera municipality, Pazardzhik district19363
6256407town of Pirdop, Pirdop municipality, Sofia district7749
6357491town of Pomorie, Pomorie municipality, Burgas district13569
6457649town of Popovo, Popovo municipality, Targovishte district15548
6558503town of Provadia, Provadia municipality, Varna district12901
6661460town of Radnevo, Radnevo municipality, Stara Zagora district13384
6761577town of Radomir, Radomir municipality, Pernik district14090
6862004town of Rakitovo, Rakitovo municipality, Pazardzhik district8261
6962075town of Rakovski, Rakovski municipality, Plovdiv district15265
7061813town of Razlog, Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad district12499
7170528town of Saedinenie, Saedinenie municipality, Plovdiv district6050
7266264town of Septemvri, Septemvri municipality, Pazardzhik district8422
7347278town of Simeonovgrad, Simeonovgrad municipality, Haskovo district7049
7466460town of Simitli, Simitli municipality, Blagoevgrad district6817
7567372town of Slivnitsa, Slivnitsa municipality, Sofia district7408
7668080town of Sopot, Sopot municipality, Plovdiv district9299
7767800town of Sozopol, Sozopol municipality, Burgas district5410
7817974town of Sredets, Sredets municipality, Burgas district9238
7951980town of Stamboliyski, Stamboliyski municipality, Plovdiv district11721
8069660town of Straldzha, Straldzha municipality, Yambol district6021
8169633town of Strazhitsa, Strazhitsa municipality, Veliko Tarnovo district5170
8265677town of Svilengrad, Svilengrad municipality, Haskovo district18132
8365869town of Svoge, Svoge municipality, Sofia district8126
8472271town of Tervel, Tervel municipality, Dobrich district6667
8572343town of Teteven, Teteven municipality, Lovech district10613
8672761town of Topolovgrad, Topolovgrad municipality, Haskovo district5730
8773403town of Tryavna, Tryavna municipality, Gabrovo district9831
8848619town of Tsarevo, Tsarevo municipality, Burgas district5884
8973496town of Tutrakan, Tutrakan municipality, Silistra district9476
9072165town of Tvarditsa, Tvarditsa municipality, Sliven district5669
9112961town of Varshets, Varshets municipality, Montana district6538
9258222town of Veliki Preslav, Veliki Preslav municipality, Shumen district8951
9387338town of Yakoruda, Yakoruda municipality, Blagoevgrad district5686
9431044town of Zlatitsa, Zlatitsa municipality, Sofia district5145
9531111town of Zlatograd, Zlatograd municipality, Smolyan district7110

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