Statistical Reference Book 2019

The National Statistical Institute presents to users of statistical information the annual publication - Statistical Reference Book 2019 in English.

The Statistical Reference Book presents topical information on the demographic processes as well as the economic, social and cultural development of the Republic of Bulgaria for the 2015 - 2018 period.

The publication presents data on main macroeconomic indicators of the national economy - gross domestic product, investments and finance; and economic activity groupings - industry, agriculture, forestry, transport, communications, trade and others.

Information about population, labour market, health, education and science, culture and arts, justice, tourism and energy, as well as the geographic characteristics and environment is given in separate chapters.

The administrative - territorial units ‘districts’ are presented according to the Law on the Administrative Territorial Structure of the Republic of Bulgaria, while the territorial units for statistical purposes, i.e. ‘Statistical zones’ and ‘Statistical regions’, are presented according to the Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics in Bulgaria that corresponds to Eurostat NUTS classification.

Data for 2018 are preliminary and will be specified in further NSI issues.

The National Statistical Institute also offers to users of statistical information electronic version of the publication (on CD-ROM).