Crisis events occurred

Time series: Crisis1.1_EN.xls

Indicators Crisis events - in numbers Damages determined - thousand BGN Funds for recovery - thousand BGN Expenditures on REW2 - thousand BGN
Total of which:
from Government commission from EC from other sources
Total 1 594 148 305 15 481 14 705 - 723 4 812
Fires 741 1 250 707 707 - - 108
Landslides 32 7 720 587 297 - 290 57
Earthquakes - - - - - - -
Droughts 28 - - - - - -
Floods 159 135 530 12 227 11 883 - 332 3 980
Storms, tornado, windspout, whirlwind 6 45 2 1 - - 16
Hailstorms 14 1 978 1 070 1 043 - - 32
Snowstorms (snowfall) 52 757 168 67 - 101 130
Icings, frosts 52 20 - - - - 20
Accidents 48 718 566 566 - - 466
Accidents with vehicles 455 18 13 - - - -
Pollutions (with chemical materials, dangerous waste, municipal waste and other) 2 - - - - - -
Epidemic human diseases - - - - - - -
Epidemic animal diseases (incl. birds) - - - - - - -
Calamity 1 125 - - - - -
Other crisis, natural disasters and events 4 144 141 141 - - 3

*Preliminary data.
1 Data are based on the annual reports presented in NSI
by 87 municipal administrations.
2 R E W - rescue and emergency work.
Crisis events occurred
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National Statistical Institute

Contact organisation unit

Regional Statistics and Monitoring Indicators Department

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Finka Denkova;

Rositsa Petrova

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Head of Department;

State expert

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2, P. Volov Str.; 1038 Sofia, Bulgaria

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+359 02 9857 735;

+359 02 9857 771

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Metadata update
Metadata last certified30 November 2017
Metadata last posted30 November 2017
Metadata last update30 November 2017
Statistical presentation
Data description

The data is a result of a specialized statistical survey on emergencies occurring on the territory of the country, determined damages and losses, funds for recovery and the cost of Rescue and emergency work (REW).

Classification system

Nomenclature of types of crisis events.

Sector coverage

Exhaustive survey. Information is submitted by the municipal administrations in NSI.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Crisis event is a sudden or anticipated change caused by human activities or natural phenomenon in which the lives, health and property of large groups of people, territory, the environment, the cultural and the material values of the country are disturbed or threatened.

Statistical unit

Crisis event.  

Statistical population

Crisis events on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. Exhaustive survey.

Reference area

The whole territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

Time coverage

2010 – 2016

Base period


Unit of measure

number of persons; thousands BGN

Reference period

Calendar year

Institutional mandate
Legal acts and other agreements
  • Law on Statistics;
  • National Statistical Programme.
Data sharing

Not applied

Confidentiality - policy

Law on Statistics

Confidentiality - data treatment

In accordance with Article 25 of the Law on Statistics Individual data are not published. Dissemination of individual data is possible only in accordance with Article 26 of the Law on Statistics.

Release policy
Release calendar

Data are published according to the Release Calendar presenting the results of the statistical surveys carried out by the National Statistical Institute.

Release calendar access

The calendar is available on the NSI website:

User access

Data are disseminated on the NSI website, section Crisis events occurred, in accordance with the Law on Statistics and European Statistics Code of Practice respecting professional independence and in an objective, professional and transparent manner in which all users are treated equitably.

Frequency of dissemination


Accessibility and clarity
News release

Not applied


Not applied

On-line database

Detailed annual results are available to all users on the NSI website under the heading Crisis Events:

Micro-data access

Individual anonymous micro-data could be provided for the scientific and research purposes by individual request according to the Regulation of submission of anonymous individual data for scientific and research purposes.


An information service could be provided by request, according to the NSI Rules for Dissemination of Statistical Information Products and Services.

Documentation on methodology

Instructions for replacement.

Quality documentation

Not available

Quality management
Quality assurance

Not applied

Quality assessment

Not applied

User needs

The main users of Crisis Events statistical data are:

Chief Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection;
Non-governmental organisations, Research institutions and others.

User satisfaction

No user satisfaction survey has been applied.

Accuracy and reliability
Overall accuracy

Statistical data are of good accuracy and reliability.

Sampling error

Exhaustive survey. No sampling error.

Non-sampling error
Timeliness and punctuality

Data are published according to the Release Calendar presenting the results of the statistical surveys carried out by the National Statistical Institute.


Deadlines for dissemination of the data, provided in the Release Calendar of NSI are respected.

Coherence and comparability
Comparability - geographical

Not available

Comparability - over time

Not available

Coherence - cross domain

Not available

Coherence - internal

Not available

Cost and burden

Not applied

Data revision
Data revision - policy
Data revision - practice
Statistical processing
Source data

Statistical form "Report on losses from crisis events" in paper form and / or on-line input of information in Business statistics "IS".

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

From municipal administrations in whose territory crisis events occurs.

Data validation

Validation checks are performed during the data entry by arithmetic and logical control of the input data and with comparison of the output data with the results of the previous surveys and data from administrative sources.

Data compilation

Exhaustive survey. No estimates are made.


Not applied

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